White Refined Sugar IC45 Brazil CIF SBLC/DLC ($340 – $385/MT)

IC45 Brazilian White Refined Sugar SOP Buyer sends LOI Seller issues FCO Buyer signs FCO accepting price/procedure SPA Payment Guarantee SBLC/DLC Price $340 / MT 50,000MT month x 12 months $355 / MT 25,000MT month x 12 months $385 / MT 12,500MT month x 12 months Notes MOQ 12,500MT x 12 months Can go up to 100,000 MT / month Commissions…

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KN Masks 4.5 cents each plus a commission

All the same price: 4.5 cents each and add your commission: SOP NCNDA ICPO Corporate Invoice INSPECT and PAY at spot Item Name Quantity Availability Cases KN95 80,000 pcs ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs…

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FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Home Test MOQ: 1M 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

FLOWFLEX COVID-19 ANTIGEN HOME TEST MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box) Country of Origin: China or US factory direct Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary SOP This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This…

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Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves $22.25 100K boxes available now OTG via Inspect & Pay in Miami, FL

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves SOP NCNDA ICPO Inspect & Pay Commissions: $.25 commission total Price : $22.25 per box of 300 Location: Miami, FL Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions…

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Brightway Blue Nitrile Gloves 585K $7.50 to $8 based on volume; Inspect & Pay

Brightway Blue Nitrile Gloves 585K boxes immediately available 100 gloves per box P.O. then Inspect & Pay Patriot Health is direct to the owner. No broker chains. PDF Sales Sheet

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3 Ply $1.90 all in OTG and Manufactured in the USA (Blue, Black, Pink all same price)

OTG by a USA manufacturer Can be part OTG and part production in the USA Black — Pink — Blue All the same price SOP NCNDA ICPO Made out to the Manufacturer who is willing to get on a phone and walk around the warehouse to show the buyer it is real. Contract with Terms and conditions sent from Manufacturer to…

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Makrite SEKURA-N95 30 cents all in 3.1M available; Niosh Approved made in Taiwan

Makrite SEKURA-N95 Niosh Approved 3,100,000 masks PDF of the Masks .25 cost per mask paid to the seller .05 to brokers at .30 per mask You can sell over .30 and it will be split 50/50 between seller and brokers

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Best Safe Nitrile Gloves 32K $6.25 per box plus a reasonable commission in Los Angeles, CA

Best Safe Nitrile Gloves 32K (100 count) 32,000 – 100 Count Boxes at $6.25/box 28,100 Medium – 100 count boxes 3,900 Large – 100 count boxes Immediate Availability in Los Angeles, CA PDF — US SIMPLE_BestSafe_Nitrile_Blue_Gloves_Brochure Add a commission that is reasonable. Nothing crazy. 20 cents per box would be considered healthy.

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300K AccessBio CareStart OTC $17.30 plus a commission in NJ ready for immediate pick up

300K ready for immediate pickup in NJ AccessBio CareStart™ Non-Invasive COVID-19 Antigen Home Test – Pack of 2 SOP ICPO then get proofs Inspect/Pay Commission This seller does not build any commission into the price for a broker chain. Just add a quarter or a little more for any brokers who need to get paid.

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Safe Health 616K $7.25 all in Chemo Nitrile Gloves in Exton PA

SAFE HEALTH Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves | Chemo-Rated-Fentanyl Resistant | Free of Latex-Powder | Textured-Disposable No prove up, just need a credible buyer Price drop Exam $7.25 Chemo $7.50 (They have regular, weekly deliveries up to 200k bxs: $0.50 coms for facilitators.) 616,070 boxes in Exton PA now with rolls and extensions of 500K boxes per week. COMMODITY: Safe Health…

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Cardinal Flexal Direct from US Factory

By admin | May 12, 2022

Cardinal Flexal A distributor for Cardinal Health filled out our online form at https://patriot.health/team-building/ and offered to provide us direct access to all of Cardinal’s products. As of May 9th, 2022 there was 7.2 million Cardinal Flexal gloves available in various manufacturing warehouses around the US owned by Cardinal Health. We are able to offer…

White Labeled (Cardinal Flexal Touch) Nitrile Gloves 900K boxes, 200/box, $13.50 plus comms

By admin | May 11, 2022

Cardinal Flexal Touch specs on a White Labeled Box My Cardinal distributor was offered from Cardinal Health 900K boxes of WHITE Labeled boxes of nitrile gloves SOP: PO from buyer Corporate Invoice from seller with an escrow agreement Proof of product (Visible Inspection available) Pay & Remove product from the warehouse Notes: These are the…

Cranberry Evolve CT 250K $28.50 plus a 50 cent commission

By admin | April 27, 2022

Cranberry Evolve CT PRICING 250K/MONTH $28.50 plus a Commission of 50 cents 12 month commitment SOP PO Inspect & Pay First month of 250K is available now for inspection in LA Notes Commission is 50 cents per box. Can be diminished if the broker chain is very small 50 cents goes to the buy side…

Cranberry Evolve 10M $28.50 all in with Performance Escrow

By admin | April 21, 2022

Cranberry Evolve PRICING 10M $28.50 25M $28.00 Larger lots are claimed to be available, but the Glove Report no longer has faith in anything over 25M so we are not listing the larger lot sizes SOP NCNDA (Optional) ICPO (with transaction ref #), KYC & AML Mutually Funded Performance Escrow – (Optional amount negotiable –…

Cranberry RevoSoft 512,960 Boxes $27.50 all in with only 50 cents total commission available

By admin | April 15, 2022

Cranberry RevoSoft — OTG SOP ICPO from Buyer Seller performs DD and then sends a Corporate Invoice Zoom or other Communication between Principles can happen Buyer Signs and Returns the Corporate Invoice Seller sends the Bill of Laden & other Proofs of Life Inspect & Pay Pricing $27.50 all in MOQ is 512,960 (not sub-dividing)…

Cardinal Flexal 100K to 500K per month Air Freight

By admin | March 30, 2022

Cardinal Flexal Seller has 11M allocation for 2022. Can airfreight up to 1M per month to a warehouse in your buyer’s home town. Must be an international airport with the ability to do customs as the product is flown in from Malaysia. SOP ICPO (Patriot Health LLC has the seller’s name and address for your…

Cranberry Evolve 25M $26.50 all in; Long Beach, CA (not CT or RevoSoft) failed buyer

By admin | March 30, 2022

Cranberry Evolve THIS LOT SOLD. WE LEAVE THEM UP ON OUR SITE FOR SEO AND A HISTORICAL ARCHIVE OF THIS INDUSTRY. 25 Million OTG Long Beach, CA area SOP: NCNDA from seller. Seller sends it out. Important for the seller to do this. ICPO/KYC/AML  —  Due Diligence by Seller, vetting attorney will contact buyer attorney…

Cranberry Evolve $24.50 plus a reasonable commission; MOQ 2M

By admin | December 14, 2021

Cranberry Evolve SOP: LOI and any preferred terms from the buyer FCA/CIF/DDP all possible Verification of funds securely banker to banker at Chase for whatever they wish to start with the first month – it can be as little as 2 million and they only need to show that they have the money for the…

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT will be sold Inspect & Pay. Schedule a Zoom call soon

By admin | December 3, 2021

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Nitrile Gloves Cranberry Global is working to minimize fraud so they are making changes to their branding. In 2022 the gloves we sell will be the Cranberry Evolve CT and Cranberry REVOSOFT CT. Both are 300 count boxes and both are a much better glove than the old Evolve.  Please get familiar…

Cranberry Evolve 6,100 boxes $30 plus a commission split 50/50 buyside/sellside; Inspect & Pay in Baltimore

By admin | December 2, 2021

Cranberry Evolve 300 count Nitrile Gloves 6,100 2170 medium 3930 large in Baltimore with BOL ready to share. This is a Inspect and Pay. Was inspected yesterday. Can get your buyer INSPECTING. Also, another million will be available before the holidays. If your buyer buys this then they will be at the front of the…