Cobalt Blue Nitrile Gloves 640,000 boxes in LA; RWA with a friendly attorney managing the sale

Cobalt Blue Nitrile Gloves 640,000 PRICING Market Competitive Negotiable SOP NCNDA (Optional as Patriot health is direct to the seller attorney & Patriot Health LLC starts the buyside) ICPO (KYC & AML) DD by seller SPA & Escrow Agreement discussed between principles. Documents get blue inked. Inspections Scheduled Chain of custody docs prepared and distributed. Payment, Title transfer and Product…

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Dore Gold 100KG 12/9 Discount; Brazil or Kenya; SBLC or Escrow

Dore Gold (two new sellers) PRICING 12 off LBMA 3 for commissions SOP Two Separate SOP as there are two different sellers Notes PDF of the SCO Shipped to a refinery of your choice. Kenya dore has a very detailed CIF set of procedures to remove any concerns. Kenya must have an SBLC in place. Brazil prefers…

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White Refined Sugar IC45 Brazil CIF SBLC/DLC ($335 – $395/MT)

IC45 Brazilian White Refined Sugar SOP Buyer sends LOI Seller issues FCO Buyer signs FCO accepting price/procedure SPA Payment Guarantee SBLC/DLC Price (Market Prices Fluctuate) $335-345 / 100,000 MT month x 12 months $345-355 / 75,000 MT month x 12 months $355-365 / 50,000 MT month x 12 months $365-375 / 25,000 MT month x 12 months $385-395 / 12,000 MT…

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KN Masks 4.5 cents each plus a commission

All the same price: 4.5 cents each and add your commission: SOP NCNDA ICPO Corporate Invoice INSPECT and PAY at spot Item Name Quantity Availability Cases KN95 80,000 pcs ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs…

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FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Home Test MOQ: 1M 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

FLOWFLEX COVID-19 ANTIGEN HOME TEST MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box) Country of Origin: China or US factory direct Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary SOP This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This…

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Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves $22.25 100K boxes available now OTG via Inspect & Pay in Miami, FL

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves SOP NCNDA ICPO Inspect & Pay Commissions: $.25 commission total Price : $22.25 per box of 300 Location: Miami, FL Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions…

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Brightway Blue Nitrile Gloves 585K $7.50 to $8 based on volume; Inspect & Pay

Brightway Blue Nitrile Gloves 585K boxes immediately available 100 gloves per box P.O. then Inspect & Pay Patriot Health is direct to the owner. No broker chains. PDF Sales Sheet

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3 Ply $1.90 all in OTG and Manufactured in the USA (Blue, Black, Pink all same price)

OTG by a USA manufacturer Can be part OTG and part production in the USA Black — Pink — Blue All the same price SOP NCNDA ICPO Made out to the Manufacturer who is willing to get on a phone and walk around the warehouse to show the buyer it is real. Contract with Terms and conditions sent from Manufacturer to…

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Makrite SEKURA-N95 30 cents all in 3.1M available; Niosh Approved made in Taiwan

Makrite SEKURA-N95 Niosh Approved 3,100,000 masks PDF of the Masks .25 cost per mask paid to the seller .05 to brokers at .30 per mask You can sell over .30 and it will be split 50/50 between seller and brokers

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Best Safe Nitrile Gloves 32K $6.25 per box plus a reasonable commission in Los Angeles, CA

Best Safe Nitrile Gloves 32K (100 count) 32,000 – 100 Count Boxes at $6.25/box 28,100 Medium – 100 count boxes 3,900 Large – 100 count boxes Immediate Availability in Los Angeles, CA PDF — US SIMPLE_BestSafe_Nitrile_Blue_Gloves_Brochure Add a commission that is reasonable. Nothing crazy. 20 cents per box would be considered healthy.

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Cranberry Evolve 300 CT 2Million in Corona CA $22.50/box

By admin | August 18, 2023

Cranberry Evolve 300 CT 2 Million boxes Pallets have 63 cases per pallet Product is in Corona CA $22.50/box with 25 cent commission built into the price Not going to raise the price for more commission. Priced for a quick sale. Seller reached out to The Glove Report directly so the commission would start with…

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M / week $24 all in 25 cent comm (close to an Inspect & Pay)

By admin | January 6, 2023

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M/Month $24 Procedures and Notes in PDF SOP Pre-Qualification: Consultation Confirm business requirements and financial capabilities + logistics KYC+AML Consultation Between Buyer and Seller Review transactional structure and understand financial logistics. Determine funds verification method and Logistics Schedule ICPO Full Corporate Offer (FCO) Funds Verification Confirmation of funds in buyer’s account or…

Cranberry Evolve 300 50M $27.25 all in with 50 cents to buyside — Inspect & Pay via a $200K Deposit

By admin | December 12, 2022

Cranberry Evolve 300 50M $27.25 SOP ICOP, KYC, AML, LOA SPA under penalty of perjury; Corporate Invoice and an Escrow Agreement POP Soft Inspection FUND ESCROW Full Inspection PICK UP or DELIVERY Commission $27.25 all in includes the 50 cents commission to the buyside. Patriot Health LLC is direct to the mandate out of Turkey…

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M to 5M $28.50 all in with 50 cents to buyside — Warehouse Clearance

By admin | December 12, 2022

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M – MOQ Up to 5M available SOP ICOP, KYC, AML BANK STATEMENT POP/BOL FUND ESCROW INSPECTION PICK UP DELIVERY Notes Commission: This is a friendly sale with no broker chains. The mandate is an sweet friend. $28.50 all in includes the 50 cents commission to the buyside. Patriot Health LLC is…

Cranberry Evolve 1M $28.50 all in includes 25 cents buyside commission; OTG in LA; Proof given before movement of money

By admin | August 27, 2022

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves 300 count per box) PRICING $28.50 all in 25 cents total available for buyside commissions SOP NCNDA (Optional as Patriot health is direct to the seller team & starts the buyside) ICPO KYC & AML (end buyer only) DD by seller SPA & Escrow Agreement discussed between principles and signed…

Cranberry Evolve 1M $27.50 all in includes 50 cents total commission; OTG in LA; Need PO, Sign CI then IP

By admin | August 22, 2022

Two people have sent an ICPO already. I would assume it is sold.  Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves) PRICING $27.50 all in 50 cents total available for commissions SOP PO Seller sends CI Comforts and Conversations Buyer signs the CI Inspect & Pay Notes Patriot Health gets paid on the sell side. Everything is open…

Protected: Cranberry Evolve CT 178,950 $25.75 all in with 25 cents of commission — Ontario, CA Airport area; Inspect & Pay

By admin | August 15, 2022

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Cranberry Evolve 100M $26.90 all in; Table Top Closing; Buyside is 100% open

By admin | August 5, 2022

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves) PRICING $26.90 all in 30 cents available for buyside commissions Pricing can be higher or lower based on the size of the order and other negotiated market factors SOP Step One is the seller’s attorney vetting the buyer, Non-Negotiable. We provide the seller attorney’s email for direct correspondence NCNDA Between…

Cranberry Evolve $22.50 50M/month with MOQ of 10M (Production) commissions are small, but real product

By admin | August 2, 2022

Cranberry Evolve 300 Production FOB USA or CIF Worldwide $22.50 all in with 25 cents per box for the buy side starting with the facilitator group then our group. MOQ 10M STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE Buyer will send LOI, LOA, with NCNDA and AML for the order with the agreed prices Seller will provide FCO. Need…

Cranberry Evolve 1M to 5M $28.25 all in with 25 cents of commission

By admin | August 1, 2022

Cranberry Evolve (Not CT) These are the original Evolve PRICING 1 Million to 5M all OTG @ $28.25 all in Ready for IMMEDIATE inspection SOP ICPO, KYC, AML Quick DD Buyer connected to Seller FCO signed by both parties SPA redlined & signed LOA from top law firm Buyer puts in a 2% or a…