Walletz Emerald Nitrile Chemo Gloves 2M $8.25 plus a commission of your choosing; Close in 48 hours

2M boxes of Walletz Emerald brand nitrile gloves chemo tested. $8.25 per box plus a commission of your choosing SOP: ICPO + signed SPA gets inspect and pay. Can close tomorrow. From Randy ESQ Walletz4u EMERALD_Sell Sheet_Rev.5

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Variety Covid Antigen Tests Oct 1, 2021

The Patriot Health Team is direct to the mandate for the list below. Some of these are ready for pickup. Others take a few weeks to get. These are not OTG in your hometown warehouse. The manufacturer has OTG and will send them out as fast as possible. The last column shows the expectation for when you will receive these…

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Blue 3 Ply $1.90 AOK 24M & True Calm 40M; Can buy today with escrow or do Inspect & Pay

Blue 3 Ply: AOK 24M & True Calm 40M These are counted and ready for sale from another order. SOP NCNDA ICPO & First page of a bank statement Commercial Invoice from Seller and redacted BOL POF Video Commissions 2.5c commissions starting with Patriot Health Comms can be increased. Notes Once money escrowed 3rd party they will get title transfer Pick…

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Black 3 Py 500K boxes $2.55 all in 100% OTG in LA

500K Black 3 Ply Masks $2.55 all in with R&E of 200-250K boxes per week ongoing SOP NCNDA ICPO to: BV Inc. c/o Epione Health Inspect Today Pay Commissions 15 cents of commission is open to the buyside. Patriot Health starts the buyside and asks for equal distribution of that 15 cents based on the number of groups needing to…

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3 Ply $1.89 all in OTG and Manufactured in the USA (Blue, Black, Pink all same price)

OTG by a USA manufacturer Can be part OTG and part production in the USA Blacks pink or blue All the same price $1.89 includes 9 cents which starts with a group before Patriot Health SOP NCNDA ICPO and we will bring the manufacturer to a Zoom call That’s it! Commissions $1.89 includes 9 cents which starts with a group before…

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Covid Antigen Tests 500K $8 all in

Covid antigen tests for $8 per test. 500,000 tests immediately available This is from our mandate to the titleholder of the tests

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3 Ply Small Lots Available Sept 21, 2021

The Patriot Health Team is direct to the mandate for the list below. It is updated every three days or when necessary. 99% of these lots can be held for your client with an ICPO. Tell us what you want, we will verify it is available and send in your ICPO to capture it. If you do not have an…

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3M 1860 20M x 12 $1.70 plus 10% DDP to your warehouse!!!

Special 3m 1860 offer USA 20x 12 months price is 1.70+10% This is the best price including of transportation to the buyer warehouse, logistics by 3M. Even if somebody wants weekly, we can do that as well. Sign an NCNDA and talk to the mandate. From my seller mandate Patriot Health starts a 16.667 buyside traditional commission structure.

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3M 1860 100M $1.80 plus 10% Inspect & Pay

We have 100 m 1860 inspect and pay lot is avalible. Please confirm if you have some buyers for that we can arrange inspection tomorrow or Monday it self. The price us 1.80+10% it’s real lot Ncnda ICPO VERIFIABLE BANK STATEMENT My seller mandate asked Patriot Health to sell this. So, Patriot Health starts the buy side.

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ZHIBO Black 3 Ply $2.35 includes 5 cents comm; 800K OTG Boxes

ZHIBO Masks 800K Boxes Black Black 3-ply 800K boxes ZHIBO Black Spec Sheets OTG Monday 9/20 in LA Future deliveries can be directed to Buyer’s choice airport. Up to 5M boxes per week ongoing available. $2.35 incl. $.05 buy side comms SOP ICPO 1% deposit or LC Inspect Pay R&E available Direct access to the TH Vetted lot Commissions Patriot Health…

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Cranberry 25M $25.50 all in which includes $1 comms; Inspect & Pay Miami

By admin | October 5, 2021

Cranberry 25M $25.50 all in SOP Proof Up Inspect & Pay Commission Structures A dollar is included. Split 50/50 Notes A few acceptable ways to verify financial capacity are: (i) ATV on Corporate Letterhead & Bank Statement; (ii) BCL; (iii) Certified Statement; (iv) View Only Login Access; (v) Fed Wire Reference Number to Buyer’s Attorney’s…

Cranberry 10B $20.25 all in (5B $19.50 plus10%)

By admin | October 1, 2021

Cranberry 10B x 3 lots 3 x 10B OTG $20.25 all in 1st lot : 100% OTG usa 2nd lot : 80% OTG usa 3rd lot : 50% OTG usa 5B price is $19.50+10% SOP NCNDA LOI, LOA & ICPO FCO BCL with ATV Verification of Funds SPA + Escrow Agreement + Escrow Signing Agreement…

Cranberry 1B $21.50 all in (same price in 1B increments up to 50B)

By admin | September 30, 2021

Cranberry 1B $21.50 with 1B increments to 50B max SOP 1) NCNDA 2) KYC from buyer issued to Seller Mandate OR Title Holder In-Take Attorney 3) Due Diligence 24h to 48h 4) Upon successful completion of DD, buyer and seller attorney connect on next steps and docs submission. 5) Buyer Issues ICPO, LOA on POF…

Cranberry 100M $24.50 all in; Can close in 48 hours or less

By admin | September 30, 2021

Cranberry 100M $24.50 all in SOP ICPO IMFPA Proof Up (ATV & BCL preferred, otherwise certified Bank Statement) SGS from attorney after proofing up Inspect & Pay Commission Structures Patriot Health LLC participates in the available buy side commission. It can be negotiated. Not sure of all the details, but I know there is at…

Cranberry 10B $18.50 includes a 10% commission and can close in 72 hours

By admin | September 16, 2021

Cranberry 10B $18.50 includes a 10% ICPO needs to say “up to $19.50” with an understanding that the seller is going to offer it at $18.50 to qualified buyers. They are buying 10B a month and can offer R/E to buyers who need more. SOP NCNDA KYC, AML, ICPO, Fee Agreement, Authorization DD A2A Escrow…

Cranberry 5B $19.50 includes a 10% commission and can close tomorrow; R/E available

By admin | September 16, 2021

Cranberry 5B $19.50 includes a 10% SOP NCNDA KYC, AML, ICPO, Fee Agreement, Authorization DD A2A Escrow Agreement, IMFPA Straight to close Commission Structures Sell takes 50% Buyer side is divided into 3rds. Meaning there is 16.667 set aside for the buyer mandate. 16.667 set aside for another team and then Patriot Health starts the…

Cranberry 25M $26 plus 10% and can close tomorrow; 100% OTG in LA

By admin | September 16, 2021

Cranberry 25M $26+10% SOP -NCNDA -LOI, LOA & ICPO -FCO -BCL with ATV -Verification of Funds -SPA + Escrow Agreement + Escrow Signing Agreement + IMFPA -Redacted SGS -Funding seller dedicated escrow account or mutually agreed escrow -Full SGS -Inspection at seller dedicated warehouse -Release of payment to the seller -Pick up stock / -Dispatch…

Cardinal Flexal 10M; 20M; 50M up to 5B

By admin | August 24, 2021

Cardinal Flexal 10M to 5B 5 Billion $ 14.00 + 10 % 2 Billion $ 14.50 + 10 % 1 Billion $ 15.00 + 10 % 500 Million $ 15.50 + 10 % 200 Million $ 17.50 + 10 % 100 Million $ 18.00 + 10 % 75 Million $ 18.50 + 10 % 50…

Cranberry Evolve 10M to 5B Pricing — Best Value is Smaller Lot Sizes

By admin | August 24, 2021

Cranberry Evolve 10M to 100B 100B $ 16.75- $17 all in 50B $ 17.50 all in 20B $ 18.75 all in 10B $ 19.50 all in 5 Billion $ 19.50 + 10 % 2 Billion $ 19.80 + 10 % 1 Billion $ 20.00 + 10 % 500 Million $ 22.50 + 10 % 300…

Cranberry 1M or 2M (Month x 12) $22.90 plus 60 cent commission; FOB Thailand

By admin | August 18, 2021

This SOLD within 48 hours of posting. This titleholder is willing to expand their allocation for your buyer. Contact us. Cranberry 2M x 12 Month $23.50 all in SOP ICPO, LOA Talk to the titleholder of the allocation on a Zoom Draft SPA provided. All the details of the deal negotiated and agreed upon. Proof…