ShieldGuard Nitrile Gloves 50M per Month for 12 Months with FCO and RWA from Seller $8.95 plus 10%


PDF — Click to view the LOA, RWA, FCO for this opportunity

Shieldguard is pleased to offer this FCO to supply your company with 50,000,000 (Fifty Million) boxes of gloves for 12 months with Shieldguard Premium Nitrile Glove at $8.95, CIF, or $8.75, FOB. We hereby state and represent that we confirm with full legal and corporate responsibility under penalty of perjury that we are ready, willing, and able to sell and deliver the following unencumbered commodity.

LOA quote: This letter confirms that we, Medical Glove Management Co., LLC., a company owned by McKinley Investment, LLC., have an allotment of more than ONE billion boxes of nitrile gloves per month production for Shieldguard under our exclusive control and guaranteed by allocation agreements with manufacturers. These one hundred billion boxes with the production schedule will be bi-weekly produced & available for our clients & valued distributors. We will also provide the product allocation statement from the primary manufacturer and other necessary papers after receiving BCL with the bank statement and/or MT199. Please find the attachment to see the SOP of our procedure. Shieldguard currently has no particular certificates or authorization issues with exporting it to the United States of America or any European countries. The factory has all the FDA, CE registration, and EN test certificates and also has FDA 510K premarket notices that include the nitrile gloves tested for use with chemotherapy drugs.

SOP is in the attachment above. Below is some of that material:

  1. Buyer and seller sign accepted Contract, returned in PDF with Pro forma Invoice and statement of supply.
  2. Buyer shall instruct the bank to Swift a monthly revolving LC (MT700 with irrevocable, confirmed, and transferrable) per every month representing in the delivery as per production schedule (“Addendum A”).
  3. Seller receives L.C.
  4. Production and Packaging starts.
  5. Product will be ready at factory warehouses.
  6. Factory issues Packing list.
  7. Factory orders freight forwarders and brings containers.
  8. Buyer orders “Pre-Inspection” service from S.G.S., and S.G.S. inspects Boxes and Cartons at the factory warehouses.
  9. G.S. takes note of LOT numbers.
  10. G.S. releases the cartons per container to be loaded while supervising the loading.
  11. G.S. seals the container and takes down the seal number.
  12. G.S. issues a certificate of the product loaded in the container – S.G.S. report for quantity and packing, and releases to the Buyer.
  13. Freight forwarder issues H.C.L. (bill of collecting the container), and takes the container to the port, releases it to the shipping company, and customs clearance.
  14. When the container is on the ship, the shipping company issues a Bill of Lading.
  15. Factory/seller releases a copy of the Bill of Lading to the Seller, which Seller releases to the buyer or bank to bank.
  16. Seller issues invoice to the buyer along with packing list, B.O.L.
  17. Seller delivers the goods to the shipping company according to the delivery schedule and arranges for the goods to be brought to the ship.
  18. Permitted cargo ship (B / L) 5 days free time for all containers in the cargo port.
  19. Buyer is responsible for the payment of all costs related to the “Pre-Inspection” S.G.S. Report at the port of destination.
  20. Once the goods have arrived at the port of departure the value of the goods shipped will be unlocked from the L/C.
  21. 100% of payment for each month’s total value of goods will be released from the L.C. after the arrival of each shipment at the Port of Departure after Seller provides bill of lading, and packing invoice to Buyer, and before the goods are loaded on the freight vessel.