MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box)
Country of Origin: China or US factory direct
Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary


  • This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries
  • A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This is a Master NCNDA/ Procurement Fee Agreement which protects all Buyer Intermediaries on this transaction and all transactions moving forward.
  • Fee Sharing Agreements with BIs will be signed after Biz Services Agreement is signed.

After Business Serv. Agr. has been signed, Buyer will be introduced directly to the Seller to transact.


  • Call between Medical Distributor and BIs
  • NCNDA – Level 2 with BIs/ Mandates
  • Buyer signs Business Services Agreement. BI’s sign Fee Sharing Agreement.


  • NCNDA – Level 1 Seller/ Buyer/ Mandates
  • Buyer issues ICPO – Template to be provided
  • Factory issues Performa Invoice, Draft SPA and Delivery Schedule
  • Buyer signs and returns
  • Buyer pays to ACON USA directly 100% T/T upfront
  • Deliveries commence according to delivery schedule


  • Contract is between Seller company and Buyer
  • Buyer is able to pay ACON directly in the USA
  • Seller is responsible for all logistics from China to US (DDP Only)
  • Seller is responsible for customs clearance (DDP Only)
  • Seller/ ACON will transport the product from ACON’s warehouse in the US to Buyer’s nominated address (DDP Only)

Why Flowflex?

  • FDA Approved
  • BfArM listed: A1951 /21
  • According to the BASG list, Flowflex* is suitable for personal use
  • WHO listing – for diagnostic SARS-COV-2 tests
  • Test results within 15 minutes


This seller added ten cents to the box price to pay a broker chain. Any more would need to be added to the price and approved by the seller. Patriot Health LLC is covered on the sell side, so the commission starts with you.

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves


  • ICPO
  • Inspect & Pay

Commissions: $.25 commission total

Price : $22.25 per box of 300

Location: Miami, FL

Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count

Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions can be increased if the buyer is willing to pay more. Extra comms are directly approved by the seller. Increased commissions are shared.  TT payment

Examination Gloves PDF Spec Sheet from Ansell


Cranberry Evolve


  • LOI and any preferred terms from the buyer
  • FCA/CIF/DDP all possible
  • Verification of funds securely banker to banker at Chase for whatever they wish to start with the first month – it can be as little as 2 million and they only need to show that they have the money for the first month.


  • We can demonstrate Full chain of custody back to the factories
  • Contract with the 8 largest manufacturing sites which enables direct supply of Cranberry Evolve plus other major brands
  • Offering FCA/CIF/DDP
  • At no point in the process will we ask for any sensitive confidential details pertaining to funds. That is ONLY done with the Chase banker designated for this production program and only for the first month
  • We can do air and sea freight. A very buttoned up process
  • Players are the factory and the supplier, then Patriot Health LLC and the broker chain and the buyer
  • Can be airfreighted in a couple of days. Sea freight 28-35 days depending on the port where it’s going
  • Air freight is actual cost at time of booking. We will beat any air freight quote as the planes are specially re-purposed for this


Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Nitrile Gloves

Cranberry Global is working to minimize fraud so they are making changes to their branding. In 2022 the gloves we sell will be the Cranberry Evolve CT and Cranberry REVOSOFT CT. Both are 300 count boxes and both are a much better glove than the old Evolve. 

Please get familiar with this brand. The REVOSOFT CT are like KC500 as they are .05 mm thick, have the beaded edge and are chemo tested.

Patriot Health will be paid on the sell side and these will be available by the holidays in the hundreds of thousands and low millions. Prices will be better than Evolve and if you have a real buyer you should schedule a Zoom call directly with the supplier and your buyer soon.

These will be sold with an Inspect and Pay model. ICPO, then a phone call with the supplier directly. Proofs of life given and the buyer can verify with Cranberry Global. Then third party Escrow and Inspect & Pay. That’s the SOP.


  • IPCO
  • Zoom with supplier who offers Proofs of Life and other assurances. Buyer can verify with Cranberry directly.
  • PROOF of funds in ESCROW
  • PAY
Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 1

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 1

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 2

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 2

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 3

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 3

Cranberry Evolve 300 count Nitrile Gloves


  • 2170 medium
  • 3930 large

in Baltimore with BOL ready to share.

This is a Inspect and Pay. Was inspected yesterday. Can get your buyer INSPECTING.

Also, another million will be available before the holidays. If your buyer buys this then they will be at the front of the line for the next million which will also be Inspect & Pay


  • IPCO
  • PROOF of funds in ESCROW
  • PAY

80,000 boxes Cranberry Chemo Tested $32.00 plus a commission
Available today. These are not plain and boring Evolve. These are the CT gloves. 300 per box. Chemo Tested!

Cranberry 300 Evolve CT (Chemo Tested) 80K boxes

Commission for the buyside should be under 50 cents total please. Maybe price it $32.50 for your exit buyer. Commission starts with you.

  • ICPO
  • We show proof of product first!
  • Load escrow
  • Inspect and pay


Titleholder is a friend of mine. No chain. Real transaction with just an ICPO



100 M to 300 M – 26 + 1 USD commission or up to 10%






ALL PROCESS WILL BE COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS. This deal is literally only valid for the next 5 days

100% OTG and in LA

Titleholder is private and has 3B total available

Cardinal Flexal

We can supply up to 100,000 per week and possibly more. Cardinal Health provides free shipping with a quick turn-around (a day or two) depending on submission of PO and payment in full in escrow (dual signature).
Cost per box $23.25/box which includes a 45 cent commission for the buy-side brokers.

FYI – We have a second supplier that we can get an additional 100,000 per week and possibly more but the cost is $24.50/box.

Same seller has 500K Cranberry ready for pickup for $31.25/box which includes a 30 cent commission to any brokers.
Direct exit buyer relationship preferred.

Not to muddy the waters, but we did a twelve month contract for a government buyer. We finance the deal and bring in 250K boxes a month into a warehouse. 100% at our expense. The buyer walks into the warehouse and inspects. Within 48 hours the seller is paid and the buyer removes the product. With this 12 month contract arrangement we were able to offer $22.60 per box which includes 50 cents for the buyer intermediaries and anyone else who needs to get paid on the buy side. If you have a buyer who wants Cardinals for six or twelve months, we have a great solution. 


  • ICPO
  • Verify product. The buyer can check with Cardinal directly. All paperwork is ready to share with a buyer
  • Escrow is funded
  • Cardinal is paid and the product is shipped

Commission Structures

The pricing from this seller is meant for an end user / exit buyer. If you are a broker there is a decent commission available, but after the first deal closes, if it becomes a standing monthly order, then it could be a really good deal for the broker bringing a real buyer.


The Cranberry are ready for pickup. Buyer will need a logistics plan. The Cardinals are shipped for free to the buyer’s warehouse from one of Cardinals four warehouses based on proximity. Product is shipped within 48 hours of payment from escrow.

Cranberry 25M $25.50 all in


  • Proof Up
  • Inspect & Pay

Commission Structures

  • A dollar is included. Split 50/50


  • A few acceptable ways to verify financial capacity are: (i) ATV on Corporate Letterhead & Bank Statement; (ii) BCL; (iii) Certified Statement; (iv) View Only Login Access; (v) Fed Wire Reference Number to Buyer’s Attorney’s Account and Confirmation from Counsel; or (vi) MT799
  • Po and bank statement with authorization to conduct a soft probe

Cranberry 100M $24.50 all in


  • ICPO
  • Proof Up (ATV & BCL preferred, otherwise certified Bank Statement)
  • SGS from attorney after proofing up
  • Inspect & Pay

Commission Structures

  • Patriot Health LLC participates in the available buy side commission. It can be negotiated. Not sure of all the details, but I know there is at least 50 cents open.


  • Lot is in various warehouses in 4 to 5 states.
  • We don’t want proxies for this deal as there is already one proxy in place who moves out of the way during proofing up.
  • Can close today/tomorrow

Cranberry 25M $26+10%


-BCL with ATV
-Verification of Funds
-SPA + Escrow Agreement + Escrow Signing Agreement + IMFPA
-Redacted SGS
-Funding seller dedicated escrow account or mutually agreed escrow
-Full SGS
-Inspection at seller dedicated warehouse
-Release of payment to the seller
-Pick up stock / -Dispatch of goods

Commission Structures

Patriot Health LLC is direct to the seller mandate and we start the buy side


Seller is asking us to sell this lot this week.

Cardinal Flexal 10M to 5B

  • 5 Billion $ 14.00 + 10 %
  • 2 Billion $ 14.50 + 10 %
  • 1 Billion $ 15.00 + 10 %
  • 500 Million $ 15.50 + 10 %
  • 200 Million $ 17.50 + 10 %
  • 100 Million $ 18.00 + 10 %
  • 75 Million $ 18.50 + 10 %
  • 50 Million $ 18.50 + 10 %
  • 20 Million $ 18.75 + 10 %
  • 10 Million $ 19.00 + 10 %


  1. NCNDA Must be submitted
    • LOI, LOA & ICPO
    • FCO sent from the seller
    • BCL with ATV for funds verification
    • Verification of Funds
    • SPA + Escrow Agreement + Escrow Signing Agreement + IMFPA
    • Redacted SGS
    • Funding seller dedicated escrow account or mutually agreed escrow
    • Full SGS
    • Inspection at seller dedicated warehouse
    • Release of payment to the seller
    • Pick up stock / Dispatch of goods

Commission Structures

48% is available to the buyside. The seller mandate blocks off part of the buyer intermediary box for a team of people facilitating and managing the lot. They have also agreed to let Patriot Health LLC share with that other facilitator group leaving 41.667% which starts with the people reading this post.


FYI under 100m takes a little longer to close. For example a 25m order takes like 2 weeks to close because seller needs to break down the SGS from a bigger lot. This is not an Inspect and Pay seller.

Cranberry Evolve 10M to 100B

  • 100B $ 16.75- $17 all in
  • 50B $ 17.50 all in
  • 20B $ 18.75 all in
  • 10B $ 19.50 all in
  • 5 Billion $ 19.50 + 10 %
  • 2 Billion $ 19.80 + 10 %
  • 1 Billion $ 20.00 + 10 %
  • 500 Million $ 22.50 + 10 %
  • 300 Million $ 23.00 + 10 %
  • 200 Million $ 23.50 + 10 %
  • 100 Million $ 24.00 + 10 %
  • 75 Million $ 24.50 + 10 %
  • 50 Million $ 25.00 + 10 %
  • 20 Million $ 25.50 + 10 %
  • 10 Million $ 26.00 + 10 %


  1. NCNDA Must be submitted
    • LOI, LOA & ICPO
    • FCO sent from the seller
    • BCL with ATV for funds verification
    • Verification of Funds
    • SPA + Escrow Agreement + Escrow Signing Agreement + IMFPA
    • Redacted SGS
    • Funding seller dedicated escrow account or mutually agreed escrow
    • Full SGS
    • Inspection at seller dedicated warehouse
    • Release of payment to the seller
    • Pick up stock / Dispatch of goods

Commission Structures

48% is available to the buyside. The seller mandate blocks off part of the buyer intermediary box for a team of people facilitating and managing the lot. They have also agreed to let Patriot Health LLC share with that other facilitator group leaving 41.667% which starts with the people reading this post.


FYI under 100m takes a little longer to close. For example a 25m order takes like 2 weeks to close because seller needs to break down the SGS from a bigger lot. This is not an Inspect and Pay seller.

This SOLD within 48 hours of posting. This titleholder is willing to expand their allocation for your buyer. Contact us.

Cranberry 2M x 12 Month $23.50 all in


  • Talk to the titleholder of the allocation on a Zoom
  • Draft SPA provided. All the details of the deal negotiated and agreed upon.
  • Proof of Funds MT199
  • LOA from seller under penalty of perjury about product
  • Need one month Letter of Credit or 100% of the purchase price for the first month via escrow
  • Within 7 to 10 days the product is delivered to Thailand port where they meet the shipping export company hired by the buyer
  • Product comes on a regular basis to the port closest to the buyer’s warehouse


Seller requires even splits. No long broker chains will be accepted so if there is a bunch of brokers please make them disappear in a sub-fee before approaching this seller.
Patriot Health LLC is part of the buyside asking for equitable and transparent sharing of the 60 cent commission.


This is guaranteed product for each month. Stop looking for OTG and get your own containers coming in each month
$22.90 / box plus 60 cents commission all for the buy side

An American publicly traded company is offering to bring in Cranberry for your client. This is absolutely guaranteed product for your buyer. You will not be disappointed.

This SOLD within 48 hours of posting. This titleholder is willing to expand their allocation for your buyer. Contact us.

Cranberry 2M x 12 Month $27.25 all in

Monthly Cycle:

  • First Month is 500K Boxes
  • Second Month is 500K Boxes (maybe hit 1M)
  • Third Month is ONE Million
  • Fourth Month is TWO Million
  • Fifth through Month Twelve is 2M each month

DDP anywhere in the US. Comes into Houston or Long Beach
20 cent commission for broker intermediaries
10% of the purchase price must be provided and they reimburse it as the months progress.
There is no box for the mandate
this is not a 10% commission structure. There is 20 cents open for the buy side.


  • NCNDA with Patriot Health LLC
  • PO
  • Talk to the seller on a Zoom
  • Negotiate the details of the SPA

Seller imports 15 million gloves per month which are mostly presold. A list of what is available August 11, 2021 in warehouse is listed below. Your order would be added to their monthly allocation. 

Ansell MTMT Nitrile Gloves

Spec Sheet

Quantity : 50m x 12 months

Price : 18.60 per box (300 count per box)

FOB : Malaysia

SPA Agreement : Ansell, Seller and Buyer ( Triparte )


  1. BUYER issues LOI, ICPO and SELLER provides Full Corporate Offer
  2. BUYER signs NCNDA, Commission Structure Agreement and irrevocable Master Fee Protection/Commission Agreement.
  3. BUYER received the Sales & Purchase Agreement, Proforma invoice for his signature and acceptance, provides draft LC for acceptance.
  4. BUYER provides full confirmed Irrevocable, Transferable & Revolving Letter of Credit (ITLC) payable upon release.
  5. SELLER opens 2% performance bond
  6. Goods are manufactured and SELLER provides the following documents:
  7. Allocation letter with client´s name 14 days after LC is issued
    SELLER provides the following documents:
    Certificate of Origin
    Packing List
    SGS or EQ 3rd. Party inspection release (cost under Buyers acct)

A. Offer is valid for 7 days from FCO date & subject to prior sale.
B. No POF required from Buyer and Seller provides 2% Performance Bond.

LOI to be address to :

Ansell Global Trading Center
Cyberjaya .Selangor.

This Sold

Cranberry 25M

We have the name of the Title Holder of Record

25M Cranberry OTG in LA
$27.25 incl. 10%

Available to inspect today

ICPO, LOI, KYC and ATV. Once verified. We can get you in the warehouse immediately!

Please include Inspector info and ID with initial submission package.

Buyer will receive Bank Template to be submitted to Attorney directly. Please reply with 2-3 appointment windows that your banker in available in the morning for scheduling.

US bank only

Cranberry Evolve from 10M to 1B Pricing

Other Prices and Quantities Available

  • 10 million to 99 million $26.40
  • 100 million to 499 Million $25.47
  • 500 million to 999 million $24.37

2) Buyer submits completed short customer quotation request sheet
3) Seller sends a comprehensive quotation package addressed to buyer along with the required submission templates (this will leave the buyer in no doubt that the distributor has the gloves)
4) Buyer submits the provided templates completed: ICPO, LOA, LOI, BCL (NO KYC OR AML REQUIRED)
5) Stock is confirmed / held for buyer
6) Seller provides MT coordinates for buyer to submit their MT799 bank to bank confirmation
7) IMFPA agreement completed and signed
8) Buyer receives lot numbers and other product documents along with portal access to confirm authenticity of product
9) Buyer receives Warehouse access. NO FUNDING OF AN ESCROW ACCOUNT IS NECESSARY
10) Buyer Inspects, but still has the option to walk away
11) Title and funds are exchanged and deal closes

Full 10% is built in with a group between me and the titleholder. So Patriot Health is my group. Then there is your group and we divide the 16.667 by three boxes. Or, if there is a group between you and the buyer. then there are four groups and the 16.667 is divided by four groups.


Cranberry 50M


Inspection is 2:45 PM in LA area Thursday of next week

  1. ICPO from buyer.

  2. Seller invoices buyer with inspection location and time.

  3. Buyer provides KYC/AML and inspector info

  4. Inspector signs documents pertaining to privacy etc.

  5. Buyer inspector inspects and buyer pays.


A buyer placed an ICPO on this lot within 30 minutes of posting it for sale — Consider it sold. If the buyer fails to proof up and it comes back on the market we will repost this so it goes out to your email as a new notification. 

50M Cranberry

50M Cranberry OTG Inspect & Pay in Los Angeles
$26 all in
Comms: 10% ($2.36)

Buy side 45% open


• DD

Cranberry 280M $23 all in


COOMS: 44% Buyside Available starting from Patriot Health LLC

Product is West Coast

Seller Mandate requires the buyer sign that they acknowledge this SOP and are willing to follow it Standard Operation Procedure for Title Holder

STEP 1: Buyer confirms the requirement. Seller issues SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), Buyer agrees to this SOP and sign as acceptance; NCNDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) between four parties – Buyer’s/Seller’s mandate/intermediary at least signed; Buyer submits LOI/ICPO, KYC, LOA and AML.
NOTE: If the buyer is a Proxy – Seller would need also the authorization letter empowering the Proxy Buyer for such transaction.

STEP 2: Due Diligence, IMFPA Draft prepared, reviewed and accepted by Buyer.

STEP 3: Seller’s attorney issues a LOA (Letter of Attestation).

STEP 4: Buyer makes POF, must be BLC with ATV, MT199 or Bank to Bank. If it’s from the Bank/Financial Institution, we would require additional 3 Documents (Max Within 48H after Buyers Lawyer receives LOA from Sellers Lawyer to lock in price).

STEP 5: DRAFTS: SPA (Sale and Purchase Agreement) and ESCROW agreement are sent to Buyer for Approval.

STEP 6: Seller attorney confirms Lot number and SGS report number with SGS PIN number to buyer along with final SPA and ESCROW agreements for Buyer to sign.

STEP 7: Buyer/Buyer authorized representative can inspect the product (accompanied by a Seller representative) and must either fund ESCROW account or issue MT760/MT799 (Blocked for this transaction) with the purchase price and commissions.

STEP 8: Buyer approves to releases funds into seller’s escrow account or release funds via MT103 B2B, Within 48 -72 hours of Buyer’s confirmation of the merchandise.

STEP 9: Product pickup by Buyer for FOB or dispatched if agreed terms are CIF after seller confirms credit of funds and change title ownership to Buyer.

Dear Tony I would like to talk to you about our Seller. The seller is a well known business man, he deals with very big transactions. He is the representative and owner for the company that owns the titles for the merchandise and we are direct to him through his Seller Mandate. This is why I stick working with him, he is the only one I have had the pleasure of working with that gives FULL UNREDACTED SGS within 24h to the buyer after the POF is done and the funds are verified. He is very serious when it comes to business and I can guaranty you would not be waiting around for documentation or a reply back, we just have to follow the SOP and make the regular process. I speak from my personal experience.
Talking about the process. Once NCNDA is done with Seller Mandate we would have to submit all the documentation from the buyer, the DD can take from 24h to 72h once the paperwork is submitted. When the DD is done and the Buyer is approved your lawyer will get in return LOA with all the detailed information from the seller. Next step is to proceed with the POF, for that you will get an ATV format to fill out to exchange banks information and perform. Once funds are verified the buyer will get Full Unredacted SGS within 24h and this is mainly because the Seller is in United Arab Emirates and the lawyer is in USA (Time schedule) and from that we move to closure like the rest of the S.O.P. I sent

Buyer Questionnaire (KYB)

Know Your Buyer Profile:

Seller mandate requires a buyer fill this out and include it in the original document submission Buyer Questionnaire (1)

Is the End Buyer: Hospital() Government() Corporate(__)

  1. Is the Buyer a Proxy Buyer (back-to-back) or a Reseller? Yes (__) No(__)
    • If Proxy at what time will the real Buyer step in?
    • Does the Proxy Buyer have a Procurement Authorization Letter from end Buyer? Yes(__) No(__)
  2. Is the end Buyer RWA to transact? Yes(__) No(__)
  3. Where/which country are the funds located and are they ready to be transacted upon? __________, Yes(__) No(__)
  4. Which bank will the Buyer use? __________
  5. What Proof of Funds will the Buyer provide: BCL(__) ATV(__) Bank to Bank(__) MT(__)
  6. Is the Buyer using some else’s payment BCLs or MT 199 or bank statements to verify funds? Yes(__) No(__)
  7. Is there any condition under which the Buyer may not proof up?
  8. Is the attorney identified the transactional attorney? Yes(__) No(__)
  9. Will the Buyers attorney submit a Strong LOA (Under penalty of Perjury)? Yes(__) No(__)


Seller Mandate.

This seller also offers general product and pricing for Cranberry but the MOQ is 500M and there is an order for 220M, so this order of 280M is going to join that 220M to take down a 500M lot.

  • 1B cranberry $22 all in
  • 5B cranberry $21,50 all in
  • 10B cranberry $20 all in
  • 30B cranberry $18,50 all in
  • 100B cranberry $18,50 all in



25M Cranberry South Florida

  1. NCNDA
  2. ICPO
  3. Zoom with seller’s attorney
    • buyer shows them log into their online account and show money or show a bank statement
    • lawyer will show a proof of life from a company like SGS called HSI
  4. an ATV from the buyer then gets back a schedule to inspect the warehouse.
  5. IMFPA and SPA done while waiting for the appointment to walk the warehouse.
  6. Inspect & Pay


Cardinal Flexal 10M to 100M all OTG in Germany


  1. NCNDA
  3. Soft Corporate Offer with Order Formula
  4. Soft Call –> IMFPA
  5. SPA / 2% Performance Bonds, MT 199
  6. Proof of Life
  7. Deposit Funds
  8. Deliver of Goods
  9. Payment Release


Commission Structures:

There are 40 cents euro per box for the buy side commissons. Each group get 13.334 per box. Two boxes are taken. Your group takes the third box and distributes that to your team. There is no mandate box.

  • Connecting Facilitator Group gets a box
  • Patriot Health LLC with another small team added to our group. There are 5 people in our group in the second box.
  • All the people in your group plus those between you and your buyer need to join into one single group to get paid out of the third box.

10M-25M 16,60€
26M-50M 16,10€
50M-100M 15,60€


3.6 million boxes of Walletz Emerald brand nitrile gloves chemo tested.

$10.50 per box plus a commission of your choosing

SOP: ICPO + signed SPA gets inspect and pay.

Can close tomorrow.

From Randy ESQ

Walletz4u EMERALD_Sell Sheet_Rev.5

Walletz Chemo Rated Nitrile Gloves 510k

Walletz Chemo Rated Nitrile Gloves 510k

I have a 500M right now for 23.50 plus 10% which is 100% OTG in LA and only needs an ICPO to get it. Seller will respond with a LOA with an ATV template and then it goes to proof of funds, SGS, SPA, Escrow agreement and Inspect and Pay. Let me know if you are interested. I am direct to seller mandate

Cranberry Evolve
$23.50 + 10% comms

– Seller LOA
– POF buyer Releases ATV & Bank Statement to Seller’s attorney.
– IMFPA, SPA Signed
– A2A – (SGS) Released 24 Hrs after POF Verified
– Fund Escrow
– Inspect & Pay

NEED A SOLID BUYER FOR 100M $25.50 ALL IN, A2A will happen within 24 hours and inspections are being scheduled for tomorrow afternoon

1) Parties agree to price and quantity

2) Parties sign NCNDA

3) Buyer sends LOI, ICPO, and LOA as to funds

4) KYC and AML from Account holder (account from where funds will move into escrow for payment)

5) Procurement Authorization Letter with Procurement Company if needed

6) Buyer Side Completes draft IMFPA

7) Seller does verification on Buyer documents and due diligence

8) Seller sends LOA to Buyer as to existence of Product

9) Buyer sends: Authorization to Verify (ATV)

a. Must be from Tier 1 American or Canadian Bank
b. Funds must be in an American Bank

10) SPA and Full IMPFA are signed by both parties.

11) Redacted verifiable SGS provided to Buyer through Buyer’s Attorney

12) A2A Discussion on escrow terms

13) Escrow Agreement

Funds are transferred into Escrow account as per A2A discussions. Location of escrow account agreed to between Attorneys (either Buyer’s / Seller’s / or Independent attorney escrow)

14) Full SGS provided and Buyer can do physical inspection / verification of goods at warehouse

15) After satisfactory inspection, funds released to Seller and Title to Product is transferred to Buyer, Inspect first and then pay.

16) Buyer responsible for storage and other charges after Title transfer.


Cranberry 2B

$20 all in

Please note while there is no POF required from the Buyer, this puts extra emphasis on the Due Diligence done by the Seller, and they will only proceed if they believe the Buyer is strong and capable of closing the deal. Therefore, a strong End Buyer is much preferred.

41.66% open starting from our teams
SGS in hand

(1a) NCNDA
(2) Seller: Rigorous Due Diligence

No Proof of Funds

(3) Strong LOA from the seller attorney,SGS in hand, under perjury of law.
(4) SPA
(5) 10% third party escrow to JP Morgan Chase
(6) Full SGS
(7) Escrow fully funded
(8) Inspect
(9) Escrow Released
(10) Title Transfer
(11) Goods Delivery or Warehouse


Cranberry Evolve 300

Production FOB USA or CIF Worldwide

$19.50 all in with 25 cents per box for the buy side starting with the facilitator group then our group.


  1. Buyer will send LOI, LOA, with NCNDA and AML for the order with the agreed prices
  2. seller will provide FCO to that effect After acceptance of FCO
  3. POF is required after the FCO is given
    Seller issue SPA
    Once Accepted by buyer seller will show
    proof of their product contract.
  4. (Optional) Power of Attorney shall be provided to the intermediary if they intend to act as the main source by the End buyer
  5. 2% to be paid Bank Guarantee as assurance for seller that buyer will pick goods at CIF destination 100% Irrevocable divisible Transferable LC if monthly then add Revolving. ITDRLC or ITDLC
  6. After 2% Bank guarantee n 100% LC verification Seller will start the assembling process immediately, and make available all the necessary documents to include the SGS and NIOSH inspection report.
  7. Delivery Lead time to final destination for logistics: 1 Week
  8. The LC shall be paid complete into the Seller’s account once the item arrive its final destination and it is certified by the Buyer.


• Transaction Term: CIF to anyway in the world (Production from USA itself)
• Payment Term: 2% Bank guarantee, 100% ITDLC or ITDRLC