KN Masks 4.5 cents each plus a commission

All the same price: 4.5 cents each and add your commission:


  • ICPO
  • Corporate Invoice
  • INSPECT and PAY at spot

Item Name Quantity Availability Cases

  1. KN95 80,000 pcs
  2. ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case
  3. KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case
  4. KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case
  5. KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case
  6. KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case
  7. KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs 2000/case
  8. KN 95 Suoer 300,000 pcs 1000/case
  9. KN 95 Yubaijia 81,000 pcs 900/case
  10. KN 95 Dady Baby 45,000 pcs 1000/case


  • Whatever the buyer is willing to pay.
  • Patriot Health only needs a small commission split.
  • Happy to connect your buyer.

KN95 80,000 pcs

ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case

KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case

KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case

KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case

KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case

KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs 2000/case

KN 95 Suoer 300,000 pcs 1000/case

KN 95 Yubaijia 81,000 pcs 900/case

KN 95 Dady Baby 45,000 pcs 1000/case


3 Ply $1.90 all in OTG and Manufactured in the USA (Blue, Black, Pink all same price)

OTG by a USA manufacturer

Can be part OTG and part production in the USA
Black — Pink — Blue
All the same price


  • ICPO Made out to the Manufacturer who is willing to get on a phone and walk around the warehouse to show the buyer it is real.
  • Contract with Terms and conditions sent from Manufacturer to Buyer for sign off
  • 50% down
  • Once lot is produced buyer is invited to inspect
  • 50% remainder paid and lot can be picked up
  • (buyer given 4-5 days to pick up from factory or if more time needed can be picked up from distribution center)


  • $1.90 includes 5 cents which starts with Patriot Health
  • Commissions and exit price can be increased, but needs to be discussed and approved by the manufacturer.

Capacity: approximately 5 million produced every 7-9 days

Blue 3 Ply $1.90 AOK 24M & True Calm 40M; Can buy today with escrow or do Inspect & Pay

Click for PDF Spec Sheet

Blue 3 Ply: AOK 24M & True Calm 40M

These are counted and ready for sale from another order.


  • ICPO & First page of a bank statement
  • Commercial Invoice from Seller and redacted BOL
  • POF Video


  • 2.5c commissions starting with Patriot Health
  • Comms can be increased.


  • Once money escrowed 3rd party they will get title transfer
  • Pick up or delivered
  • Delivery CIF
  • $1.95 all in per box delivered
  • $1.90 all in pick up price per box

Click for PDF Spec Sheet

Black 3 Py 500K boxes $2.55 all in 100% OTG in LA

500K Black 3 Ply Masks $2.55 all in

with R&E of 200-250K boxes per week ongoing


ICPO to: BV Inc. c/o Epione Health
Inspect Today


15 cents of commission is open to the buyside. Patriot Health starts the buyside and asks for equal distribution of that 15 cents based on the number of groups needing to get paid.

3M 1860 20M x 12 $1.70 plus 10% DDP to your warehouse!!!

Special 3m 1860 offer USA

20x 12 months price is 1.70+10%
This is the best price including of transportation to the buyer warehouse, logistics by 3M.

Even if somebody wants weekly, we can do that as well. Sign an NCNDA and talk to the mandate.
From my seller mandate

Patriot Health starts a 16.667 buyside traditional commission structure.

3M 1860 100M $1.80 plus 10% Inspect & Pay

We have 100 m 1860 inspect and pay lot is avalible. Please confirm if you have some buyers for that we can arrange inspection tomorrow or Monday it self. The price us 1.80+10% it’s real lot


My seller mandate asked Patriot Health to sell this. So, Patriot Health starts the buy side.

ZHIBO Black 3 Ply $2.35 includes 5 cents comm; 800K OTG Boxes

ZHIBO Masks 800K Boxes Black

Black 3-ply 800K boxes

ZHIBO Black Spec Sheets

OTG Monday 9/20 in LA
Future deliveries can be directed to Buyer’s choice airport.

Up to 5M boxes per week ongoing available.

$2.35 incl. $.05 buy side comms


  • ICPO
  • 1% deposit or LC
  • Inspect
  • Pay

R&E available
Direct access to the TH
Vetted lot


Patriot Health starts the $.05 buy side commissions


3M™ Brand 300M $1.97 all in Blue OTG

This sold. We have two other lots coming available. Just ask and we will tell you what we have available today. 

3M™ Brand Masks 300M Blue

Qty- 300M boxes with R/E
3M Brand
Price- $1.97 all-in


  • ICPO
  • A2A for the buyer attorney and the TH holder attorney for lot LOA attestation
  • POF- proof up via bank statement.

R&E available
Direct access to the TH
Vetted 3 M lot
Inspect and pay.


Patriot Health starts the buyside. Commissions are not large but it is a solid lot of blue masks in the US and ready for immediate purchase.


3M Surgical Mask, Tie-On, Blue.

This Surgical Mask is preferred for its comfort and breathability. A tie-on surgical mask with horizontal ties, this mask is ideal for surgical and general-purpose use. The masks have >99% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and >95% 0.1 filtration efficiency.

  • Helps reduce potential exposure of the wearer to blood and body fluids.
  • Greater than 98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) when challenged with a mean particle size of approximately 2.7μ.
  • Tie-on mask is soft and lightweight for comfortable wear.
  • Hypoallergenic to reduce chance of allergic reaction.
  • Determined by the BFE test method specified in EN 14683: 2005.
  • Determined by ASTM hydrostatic pressure test method.
  • Flat, with bi-directional pleats and horizontal ties for largely increased facial comfort and fit.
  • Flat pleated, tie-on design.
  • Exceptional wear comfort.

4 Ply 540K $2.95 all in Black 100% OTG in LA

540K Black 4 ply (Boxes)

540k Black 3 ply boxes per day pick up.


  • ICPO
  • POF


$2.95 with $.05 to Buyside and Patriot Health is one away from the seller mandate.


Same amount of product comes in daily. Warehouse after ICPO but before POF

1 million today. 2.5 on Monday. 900,000 every other day

3 ply 350M $2.60 all in Black and 100% OTG in the USA

350M Black 3 ply Masks

$2.60 all in
Includes $.05 comms


ICPO, POF to attorney (bank statement)
SPA, Escrow Agreement
Commercial Invoice


Patriot Health starts the buyside. Commissions are not large but it is a solid lot of black masks in the US and ready for purchase.

3 Ply Masks Black & Blue; Prelanding is Cheaper; Air Delivery

Schedule for product coming in. It is $3 / box before they land. $3.25 and up after. The images of the schedule are below. They are level 1 and they are being flown in. Black and Blue are the same price prelanding. 7.5 cent commissions available total covers everyone

Within a week this will be the only way to buy it. Coming in to LA and Dallas.
POL VIDEO Available

3M 1860 $1.20 plus 10% MOQ 1B with 50B available

We have a NCNDA and paper on this offer. We will post news if the buyer fails to proof up

3M 1860 MASKS


$1.20+ 10% 50B Lot MOQ 1B



  • Buyer Deposit 1% (132M) into 3rd Party Mandatory Escrow Account for orders 10B and under. Over 10B escrow deposit must 1% of total purchase price. (Refundable within 5 days if transaction does not close per Sunset clause in SPA Agreement).
  • SPA, Escrow Agreement Executed
  • After deposit you receive Verifiable SGS and Lot numbers within hours, Max of 48 hours depending on time when deposit goes in bank
  • Fund Escrow for total amount
  • Inspection if needed
  • Transact.
  • Please Only Real Buyers that will follow this SOP!


41.67% available starting with Patriot Health LLC


3 Ply Blue 200M@$2.10 & Black 100M@$2.30 plus your added commission Level 1; 100% OTG in LA/Miami

Magicare 3 Ply Blue/Black Level 1

    The production has changed the box but all the masks are the same. FYI

  • 200 million $2.10 Blue plus a commission set by you
  • 100 million $2.30 Black plus a commission set by you

OTG in LA & Miami

Can schedule inspection on Monday
50 count boxes
Possible rolls and extensions up to 50M


  2. Soft POF
  3. Inspect and pay


The production has changed the box but all the masks are the same. FYI

If you are adding $0.10 to the price, the seller will agree to that, but he is not paying any additional commissions from his sell price. You can add any commission to the base price but it will be divided equally by those in the buyer intermediary pool. No mandate box is established for this listing.

There is a group between Patriot Health LLC and the seller. That’s two boxes. Create a box for yourself and any other group of brokers between you and the buyer. We prefer to see three and no more than four groups divided into the commission.

3 Ply Black 300K Level 3 $3.70 plus your added commission OTG in LA Made in the USA

3 Ply Black Masks Level 3

300k boxes
$3.70 per box
add your commissions
OTG in Los Angeles
USA made
More coming weekly

What is Level 3? ASTM Level 3 is the FDA’s highest rating for medical and surgical face masks. This mask features an adjustable metal nose piece and non-latex ear loops for easy wearing and added comfort.

N95 4M 35¢ Niosh ZYB-11 POL Video & BOL (Looks like 1860s) Not a folding mask

Zhongyi, Branded Chinese N95 NIOSH approved ZYB-11

These are available for sale with more proofs than anything else on our site . . . ever. They look just like the 3M 1860s and they are ready for sale right now. Priced 20 cents under market per mask.

  • Quantity: 3,965,000
  • Price: 35 CENTS all in
  • MOQ: Wish to sell all at once. Will consider an order for at least 1 million pieces at higher price (to be negotiated).
  • Location: OTG in 2 warehouse located in Baldwin Park and Gardena (LA County)

Product Reports

Proofs of Life

  1. Bill of Lading PDF
  2. Proof of Life Video


  • NCNDA between Patriot Health and the buyer group
  • Purchase Order (name given after a NCNDA)
  • Inspect & Pay


  • This is meant to be a quick sale with rock bottom prices which is why it is 35 cents all in with 4 cents available for commissions.
  • A Buyer Intermediary or Broker can add a few cents on to the commission structure, but it must be split 50/50 with Patriot Health
  • Average price for these in the market is in the mid 40 cent range.


A. This is a unique listing between Patriot Health and the titleholder.
B. No POF required from Buyer
C. Seller is very motivated.

1860 Masks 10B $1.495 all in

3M 1860 lots OTG/USA origin
10B @ $1.495 all in

  1. NCNDA
  2. ICPO + LOI +LOA + KYC + AML for due diligence
  3. IMFPA
  4. 1% deposit into third party escrow
  5. A2A * (verifiable SGS presented)
  6. SPA, Escrow agreement
  7. Full SGS
  8. Fund escrow
  9. Inspection
  10. Close

50% Commission is open, but there are two groups already in the 16.667
Then add the Patriot Health LLC Group.
Add to that your group makes 4 groups dividing into the 16.667