Cranberry Evolve 300 CT 2Million in Corona CA $22.50/box

Cranberry Evolve 300 CT

2 Million boxes
Pallets have 63 cases per pallet
Product is in Corona CA
$22.50/box with 25 cent commission built into the price
Not going to raise the price for more commission.
Priced for a quick sale.
Seller reached out to The Glove Report directly so the commission would start with the Patriot Health team and then the broker group between you and your buyer.
We have the email and phone number of the seller. We are direct.

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M / week $24 all in 25 cent comm (close to an Inspect & Pay)

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M/Month $24

Procedures and Notes in PDF


  • Pre-Qualification: Consultation
    • Confirm business requirements and financial capabilities + logistics
  • Consultation Between Buyer and Seller
    • Review transactional structure and understand financial logistics.
    • Determine funds verification method and Logistics Schedule
  • ICPO
  • Full Corporate Offer (FCO)
  • Funds Verification
    • Confirmation of funds in buyer’s account or 5% deposit
  • SPA (If Contract)
  • Product Verification / Proof of Product
    • SGS/Inspection at Port of Departure, Video if Requested, Airway Bill or Bill of Lading
  • Goods are Paid for according to the SPA
  • Inspection within 2 days
    • Air Cargo arrives in 2 days
  • Commission

Pricing & Commissions

  • 1M a week up to 52 weeks
  • First 5 weeks are air cargo at $25.00
  • Week 6 plus to 52 weeks are $24.00 via sea
  • Total Commission available is 25 cents per box

Financial Features

  • Funds stay in buyer’s account.
    • Non-invasive proof of funds: Buyer can demonstrate funds in their own account, escrow, IOLTA
  • Funds are not deployed until buyer receives POL (No Deposit, No Escrow)
    • The buyer will receive SGS/Inspection Report (Malaysia) + Airway-Bill or BOL.
  • Product titled in Buyer’s name
    • Product will be titled in the name of the buyer, prior to departing port of origin.
  • Product Received in 2 Days
    • First 5 tranches arrive Air-Cargo, 6+ Tranches arrive via Sea for continuous delivery.


  • This is a friendly sale with no broker chains.
  • Patriot Health LLC starts the buyside

Cranberry Evolve 300 50M $27.25 all in with 50 cents to buyside — Inspect & Pay via a $200K Deposit

Cranberry Evolve 300 50M $27.25


  • SPA under penalty of perjury; Corporate Invoice and an Escrow Agreement
  • POP
  • Soft Inspection
  • Full Inspection


  • $27.25 all in includes the 50 cents commission to the buyside.
  • Patriot Health LLC is direct to the mandate out of Turkey shipping into LA.
  • 50 cents to the buyside starts with PH but we are not claiming any specific amount. Happy to work even splits.


  • This is a friendly sale with no broker chains. The mandate is a sweet friend.
  • They had 4 lots and 3 of them sold out. The mandate has seen the other three successful transactions.
  • Same day with deposit, buyer gets the POP/ SGS.
  • Before fully funding they give soft inspection

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M to 5M $28.50 all in with 50 cents to buyside — Warehouse Clearance

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M – MOQ
Up to 5M available




  • Commission: This is a friendly sale with no broker chains. The mandate is an sweet friend.
  • $28.50 all in includes the 50 cents commission to the buyside.
  • Patriot Health LLC is direct to the mandate out of Turkey shipping into LA.
  • 50 cents to the buyside starts with PH but we are not claiming any specific amount. Happy to work even splits.

Cobalt Blue Nitrile Gloves 640,000 boxes in LA; RWA with a friendly attorney managing the sale

Cobalt Blue Nitrile Gloves 640,000


  • Market Competitive
  • Negotiable


  • NCNDA (Optional as Patriot health is direct to the seller attorney & Patriot Health LLC starts the buyside)
  • ICPO (KYC & AML)
  • DD by seller
  • SPA & Escrow Agreement discussed between principles. Documents get blue inked.
  • Inspections Scheduled
  • Chain of custody docs prepared and distributed.
  • Payment, Title transfer and Product collection


Dore Gold 100KG 12/9 Discount; Brazil or Kenya; SBLC or Escrow

Dore Gold (two new sellers)


  • 12 off LBMA
  • 3 for commissions


Two Separate SOP as there are two different sellers


Cranberry Evolve 1M $28.50 all in includes 25 cents buyside commission; OTG in LA; Proof given before movement of money

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves 300 count per box)


  • $28.50 all in
  • 25 cents total available for buyside commissions


  • NCNDA (Optional as Patriot health is direct to the seller team & starts the buyside)
  • ICPO KYC & AML (end buyer only)
  • DD by seller
  • SPA & Escrow Agreement discussed between principles and signed (Delaware Trust, Fidelity Federal, etc.)
  • SGS, past performance, etc. soft inspection if required. (All this and more is given before the buyer moves money into escrow!)
  • $4 million deposit into the agreed upon escrow (or 15% of the deal. 2M boxes is $8 million into escrow)
  • Full Inspection and all chain of custody docs
  • Payment for remainder of goods, Title transfer and Product collection


  • Escrow Agreement has options: Delaware Trust, Fidelity Federal, etc.
  • The one million is an test order. Once the first 1 million is done and the buyer has proved themselves, the seller can do 2 or 3 million a week.
  • There is $250,000 in commissions for each one million boxes of gloves.
  • Patriot Health gets paid on the buyside. PH starts the buyside. There is 25 cents total for the buyside. The split of the 25 cents is open for negotiations.
  • Sell-Side is closed
  • Location of Goods: LA, California

Cranberry Evolve 1M $27.50 all in includes 50 cents total commission; OTG in LA; Need PO, Sign CI then IP

Two people have sent an ICPO already. I would assume it is sold. 

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves)


  • $27.50 all in
  • 50 cents total available for commissions


  • PO
  • Seller sends CI
  • Comforts and Conversations
  • Buyer signs the CI
  • Inspect & Pay


  • Patriot Health gets paid on the sell side. Everything is open for negotiations.
  • Sell-Side is closed
  • Location of Goods: LA, California

Cranberry Evolve 100M $26.90 all in; Table Top Closing; Buyside is 100% open

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves)


  • $26.90 all in
  • 30 cents available for buyside commissions
  • Pricing can be higher or lower based on the size of the order and other negotiated market factors


  • Step One is the seller’s attorney vetting the buyer, Non-Negotiable. We provide the seller attorney’s email for direct correspondence
  • NCNDA Between Buyer & Seller. (NCNDA between any brokers can be managed also)
  • Signed SOP Acknowledgement from the buyer
  • Seller sends a FCO Under Penalty of Perjury to the Buyer for Signature
  • Buyer assists in letting the seller’s bank officer discuss the proof of funds with the buyer’s bank officer
  • Seller sends Verifiable SGS
  • Soft Inspection Available
  • Move Funds to Escrow
  • Final Inspection
  • Release Funds, Transfer Title
  • Lift Product


  • We are direct to the Titleholder and Patriot Health gets paid on the sell side
  • Buyer can transact in person: Table Top (TT)
  • Commissions paid via Sub-Fee
  • Sell-Side is closed
  • The broker chain may increase the price for larger commissions with approval from the seller’s attorney
  • PLEASE NOTE: Source of funds must be clearly identified and approved in Step One of the SOP. The broker presenting the buyer must provide a viable company and or capital partner that has the funds to purchase the goods including any required triggers. Seller likes to hear a good story about how the buyer earned their money. The buyer is expected to be transparent and build a relationship with the seller. No ghost buyers will be presented.
  • Location of Goods: Southern California

Seller’s Supporting Documents. These are to clarify and help show various pricing for various volumes and SOP options. The documents below do not contradict the SOP and notes above, but they expand the SOP options and prices presented from this seller. The seller offers three unique SOPs based on the needs of the buyer.

Cranberry Evolve 1M to 5M $28.25 all in with 25 cents of commission

Cranberry Evolve

(Not CT) These are the original Evolve


  • 1 Million to 5M all OTG @ $28.25 all in
  • Ready for IMMEDIATE inspection


  • Quick DD
  • Buyer connected to Seller
  • FCO signed by both parties
  • SPA redlined & signed
  • LOA from top law firm
  • Buyer puts in a 2% or a negotiated amount
  • Full SGS
  • Inspect & Pay


  • No POF needed
  • ICPO should say 1M “up to” 5M at “up to” $28.25 USD with rolls & extensions as the price might come down some.
  • Before the buyer puts a deposit down which can be negotiated down they will get all the verifications they need prior to the deposit to confirm the seller has the goods so extremely safe.
  • When the buyer is ready to submit documents please let me know who the buyer is and in turn I will provide the sellers contact information, who to make the purchase order out to and the transaction reference number.
  • Commission is 25 cents buy side
  • Can add to the commission but gets split 50/50 to the buy and sell side.
  • Buy side starts with Patriot Health LLC
  • Please ensure the buyer is committed before seller information is requested. Thanks!

Cranberry Evolve 500K to 1M $29.50 all in with 25 cents of commission

Cranberry Evolve


  • 500K to 1 Million $29.50 all in


  • Hard LOA or bank statement
  • SPA / CI and escrow agreement
  • Inspector report /POP
  • Funding
  • Pick up/ release funds


  • Commission is 25 cents buy side
  • Buyer can get monthly or weekly product at this price
  • Claiming to be able to do a fast close.
  • Buy side starts with Patriot Health LLC

Cranberry Evolve 25M $27 all in LA

Cranberry Evolve


  • $27 all in with 70 cents to the buy side included


  • Exit buyers full name and contact info
  • Buyer will be contacted by TH attorney and presented a written offer and verification of the goods.
  • If buyer accepts formal written offer then the buyer will receive a SPA and EA.
  • After execution of SPA and EA the buyer will deposit full purchase amount into JPMC 3rd party escrow.
  • Inspect, Pay and Lift


  • ICPO, AML/KYC nor POF (except for funder escrow) are NOT required nor will they be accepted as part of the transaction.
  • Patriot Health LLC has one person between them and the sell side.

Cranberry Evolve 25M $27.25 all in LA

Cranberry Evolve


  • $27.25 all in with 50 cents to the buy side included


  • LOA (for DD)
  • POF (Certified Bank Statement, ATV, or MT)
  • Verifiable redacted SGS will be provided
  • SPA , Escrow agreement, & IMFPA
  • Fund the Escrow
  • Unredacted SGS and other POP materials will be given to the buyer
  • Inspection
  • Simultaneously releasing the fund and transferring the title


    • Failed buyer so the seller is anxious to find another buyer quickly.
    • The company or Individual name on the ICPO must match the account holder name on the bank account being used to fund the transaction
    • The KYC and AML must be from the end buyer whose funds will be used for the transaction (funding partner can be shared confidentially with the TH attorney)
    • Patriot Health LLC has one person between them and the sell side.

White Refined Sugar IC45 Brazil CIF SBLC/DLC ($335 – $395/MT)

IC45 Brazilian White Refined Sugar


  • Buyer sends LOI
  • Seller issues FCO
  • Buyer signs FCO accepting price/procedure
  • SPA
  • Payment Guarantee SBLC/DLC

Price (Market Prices Fluctuate)

  • $335-345 100,000 MT month x 12 months
  • $345-355 / 75,000 MT month x 12 months
  • $355-365 / 50,000 MT month x 12 months
  • $365-375 / 25,000 MT month x 12 months
  • $385-395 / 12,000 MT month x 12 months


  • MOQ 12,500 x 12 months
  • Commissions are standard and negotiable
  • One of our broker/partners grew up in Brazil and has been importing IC45 over the last couple decades. He is offering this opportunity to those who cut their teeth in PPE but want to sell other commodities
  • Price includes free shipping into any primary port in or around the Atlantic
  • Transferable DLC
  • Prices get a little better as the deal progresses. Just remember that the market is roiled and inflation is eating everyone’s lunch right now. Don’t waste your time with sellers offering last years pricing. It is a bait and switch. Last years pricing is a fools errand in the summer of 2022

White Labeled (Cardinal Flexal Touch) Nitrile Gloves 900K boxes, 200/box, $13.50 plus comms

Cardinal Flexal Touch specs on a White Labeled Box

My Cardinal distributor was offered from Cardinal Health 900K boxes of WHITE Labeled boxes of nitrile gloves


  • PO from buyer
  • Corporate Invoice from seller with an escrow agreement
  • Proof of product (Visible Inspection available)
  • Pay & Remove product from the warehouse


  • These are the same exact specs as Cardinal Flexal Touch with 200 ct boxes.
  • These have Chemo Chemical rating.
  • The palm is .06 thickness which is twice that of Cranberry Evolve.
  • Great pricing if you have any RWA buyers.
  • Will need to be a fast moving buyer with funds ready to close.
  • We have a verbal commitment on the stock, however is first to submit acceptable PO with delivery address and sign our CI and EA.
  • Price is approx $5 / box lower than Cardinal Flexal Std boxed product, $10 / box savings over Flexal Touch for this quantity.

This is the message the supplier gave me. After a phone call I decided to list it: Cardinal offered this to us end of week as a nice blowout priced option. Product was made as a rush production contracted through a Chinese factory which produces for Cardinal in emergency scenarios. No brand name on the boxing. Can forward image samples if there’s interest. Price is $13.50 with delivery in the US, up to 1000 miles from the warehouse. Can add up to 25 cents in commissions. Let me know if there is interest with any of your direct buyers.

Various Name brand Nitrile Gloves — Hartalega, Hongray, Sri-Trang, Dynarex, RW, Parker Protective

We have the following in stock:

  1. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Hartalega, 300 Count – $15.00/Bx
  2. Nitrile Examination 4.5 Mil, Blue – RW – $4.90/Bx
  3. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Blue – Parker Protective – $4.90/Bx
  4. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Blue – Hongray – $4.10/Bx
  5. Nitrile Examination 6 Mil Black – Parker Protective – $7.10/Bx
  6. Nitrile Examination 6.5 Mil Black – RW – $7.65/Bx
  7. Surgical, Sterile, Latex, Dynarex, 7/7.5/8 – $185/Cs
  8. Latex Examination – Manufactured b Sri-Trang – $5.90/Bx


  • PO from buyer
  • Corporate Invoice from seller
  • Proof of product (Visible Inspection available)
  • Pay & Remove product from the warehouse


  • These are with a supplier where we were the mandate last year. We are now only serving as the mandate. We are still direct.
  • Patriot Health LLC is starting the buy side.
  • Over a dozen transactions completed with this seller.
  • Add a commission to the prices above for you and your buyer chain.

Cranberry Evolve CT 250K $28.50 plus a 50 cent commission

Cranberry Evolve CT


  • 250K/MONTH $28.50 plus a Commission of 50 cents
  • 12 month commitment


  • PO
  • Inspect & Pay
  • First month of 250K is available now for inspection in LA


  • Commission is 50 cents per box. Can be diminished if the broker chain is very small
  • 50 cents goes to the buy side
  • Buy side starts with you

Cranberry Evolve 10M $28.50 all in with Performance Escrow

Cranberry Evolve


  • 10M $28.50
  • 25M $28.00
  • Larger lots are claimed to be available, but the Glove Report no longer has faith in anything over 25M so we are not listing the larger lot sizes


  • NCNDA (Optional)
  • ICPO (with transaction ref #), KYC & AML
  • Mutually Funded Performance Escrow – (Optional amount negotiable – 3rd party neutral escrow account)
  • Verify funds (certified bank statement and ATV …….. or can be banker to banker verification)
  • Verifiable SGS (one time access to SGS portal summarizes lot & batch #’s, etc.)
  • SPA, EA redlined & signed
  • Escrow fully funded – (BPU ok)
  • Full SGS & Inspections scheduled and completed
  • Payment release, Title transfer and Product collection


    • Funds must be at a top tier bank
    • The company or Individual name on the ICPO must match the account holder name on the bank account being used to fund the transaction
    • The KYC and AML must be from the end buyer whose funds will be used for the transaction (funding partner can be shared confidentially with the TH attorney)
    • Performance Escrow:
      Both parties mutually fund the performance escrow (seller nominates 3rd party neutral escrow agent). For the buyer the escrow acts as a small deposit who after verifiable SGS is shared with them funds the remainder of the escrow. The seller forfeits their escrow fund if they cannot provide the buyer with SGS and inspections of the goods.
      They will do any level performance bond the buyer wants as long as it’s material i.e. millions of dollars but the buyer still has to verify funds after the seller and buyer both put money into the mutual performance escrow. This is not replacing the proof up it’s just to instill confidence in the buyer that the seller is real and willing to put their own money up which they forfeit if they cannot provide SGS and inspections.
    • Our connection is a guy named Michael who has closed three times with the titleholder and he is paid on the sell side.
    • Commissions are classic 1/3 splits.

Cranberry Evolve 25M $26.50 all in; Long Beach, CA (not CT or RevoSoft) failed buyer

Cranberry Evolve


25 Million OTG
Long Beach, CA area


  • NCNDA from seller. Seller sends it out. Important for the seller to do this.
  • ICPO/KYC/AML  —  Due Diligence by Seller, vetting attorney will contact buyer attorney if needed for DD
  • Get the lawyer to write an LOA that the buyer has strong funds and is RWA
  • IMFPA/Escrow Agreement/SPA (within the SPA the buyer can change the escrow language with a direct wire if preferred)
  • Buyer moves money into the buyer’s attorney Escrow.
  • SGS Provided
  • Warehouse Inspection
  • Upon Inspection, Buyer Wires Total Balance / Title Transfers


  • This is a failed buyer. Will sell in the next 24 hours. Ready for inspection Thursday.
  • Buyer’s Escrow needs to be funded and then they will allow inspection. LOA from buyer’s attorney get’s inspection in 24 hours.
  • Patriot Health LLC is talking to the seller mandate with one group in-between.
  • $2.41 commission built into the $26.50
    • 50/50 split Seller and Buyer side
    • 44% of the 1.205 is available for the buy side. (Don’t ask me why. Sellers decision.)
    • No Mandate Box. The commission is split three ways.
      • 1/3 to Patriot Health LLC .35
      • 1/3 to Joes Group .35
      • 1/3 to Various Intermediaries .35 (Everyone is fitting into this box. Only one person in there currently named Bill.)
    • Currently, there are three boxes and 35 cents open.
    • The price can be increased to $27 all in and the extra 50 cents would be added to the buy side commission structure and then divided into fourths creating a new box for you and your broker group. In that scenario the boxes would look like the below:
      • 1/4 to Patriot Health LLC .39
      • 1/4 to Joes Group .39
      • 1/4 to Various Intermediaries .39
      • 1/4 to Your Broker Box .39


Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves $22.25 100K boxes available now OTG via Inspect & Pay in Miami, FL

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves


  • ICPO
  • Inspect & Pay

Commissions: $.25 commission total

Price : $22.25 per box of 300

Location: Miami, FL

Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count

Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions can be increased if the buyer is willing to pay more. Extra comms are directly approved by the seller. Increased commissions are shared.  TT payment

Examination Gloves PDF Spec Sheet from Ansell

Cranberry Evolve $24.50 plus a reasonable commission; MOQ 2M

Cranberry Evolve


  • LOI and any preferred terms from the buyer
  • FCA/CIF/DDP all possible
  • Verification of funds securely banker to banker at Chase for whatever they wish to start with the first month – it can be as little as 2 million and they only need to show that they have the money for the first month.


  • We can demonstrate Full chain of custody back to the factories
  • Contract with the 8 largest manufacturing sites which enables direct supply of Cranberry Evolve plus other major brands
  • Offering FCA/CIF/DDP
  • At no point in the process will we ask for any sensitive confidential details pertaining to funds. That is ONLY done with the Chase banker designated for this production program and only for the first month
  • We can do air and sea freight. A very buttoned up process
  • Players are the factory and the supplier, then Patriot Health LLC and the broker chain and the buyer
  • Can be airfreighted in a couple of days. Sea freight 28-35 days depending on the port where it’s going
  • Air freight is actual cost at time of booking. We will beat any air freight quote as the planes are specially re-purposed for this


Cranberry 1M or 2M (Month x 12) $22.90 plus 60 cent commission; FOB Thailand

This SOLD within 48 hours of posting. This titleholder is willing to expand their allocation for your buyer. Contact us.

Cranberry 2M x 12 Month $23.50 all in


  • Talk to the titleholder of the allocation on a Zoom
  • Draft SPA provided. All the details of the deal negotiated and agreed upon.
  • Proof of Funds MT199
  • LOA from seller under penalty of perjury about product
  • Need one month Letter of Credit or 100% of the purchase price for the first month via escrow
  • Within 7 to 10 days the product is delivered to Thailand port where they meet the shipping export company hired by the buyer
  • Product comes on a regular basis to the port closest to the buyer’s warehouse


Seller requires even splits. No long broker chains will be accepted so if there is a bunch of brokers please make them disappear in a sub-fee before approaching this seller.
Patriot Health LLC is part of the buyside asking for equitable and transparent sharing of the 60 cent commission.


This is guaranteed product for each month. Stop looking for OTG and get your own containers coming in each month
$22.90 / box plus 60 cents commission all for the buy side

An American publicly traded company is offering to bring in Cranberry for your client. This is absolutely guaranteed product for your buyer. You will not be disappointed.

Cranberry 1M or 2M (Month x 12) $27.25 all in; Only need a PO then talk to the Seller (DDP to your warehouse!!!)

This SOLD within 48 hours of posting. This titleholder is willing to expand their allocation for your buyer. Contact us.

Cranberry 2M x 12 Month $27.25 all in

Monthly Cycle:

  • First Month is 500K Boxes
  • Second Month is 500K Boxes (maybe hit 1M)
  • Third Month is ONE Million
  • Fourth Month is TWO Million
  • Fifth through Month Twelve is 2M each month

DDP anywhere in the US. Comes into Houston or Long Beach
20 cent commission for broker intermediaries
10% of the purchase price must be provided and they reimburse it as the months progress.
There is no box for the mandate
this is not a 10% commission structure. There is 20 cents open for the buy side.


  • NCNDA with Patriot Health LLC
  • PO
  • Talk to the seller on a Zoom
  • Negotiate the details of the SPA

Seller imports 15 million gloves per month which are mostly presold. A list of what is available August 11, 2021 in warehouse is listed below. Your order would be added to their monthly allocation. 

Ansell MTMT $18.60 50M x 12 Months; FOB Malaysia (300 count per box like Cranberry) Can mark up

Ansell MTMT Nitrile Gloves

Spec Sheet

Quantity : 50m x 12 months

Price : 18.60 per box (300 count per box)

FOB : Malaysia

SPA Agreement : Ansell, Seller and Buyer ( Triparte )


  1. BUYER issues LOI, ICPO and SELLER provides Full Corporate Offer
  2. BUYER signs NCNDA, Commission Structure Agreement and irrevocable Master Fee Protection/Commission Agreement.
  3. BUYER received the Sales & Purchase Agreement, Proforma invoice for his signature and acceptance, provides draft LC for acceptance.
  4. BUYER provides full confirmed Irrevocable, Transferable & Revolving Letter of Credit (ITLC) payable upon release.
  5. SELLER opens 2% performance bond
  6. Goods are manufactured and SELLER provides the following documents:
  7. Allocation letter with client´s name 14 days after LC is issued
    SELLER provides the following documents:
    Certificate of Origin
    Packing List
    SGS or EQ 3rd. Party inspection release (cost under Buyers acct)

A. Offer is valid for 7 days from FCO date & subject to prior sale.
B. No POF required from Buyer and Seller provides 2% Performance Bond.

LOI to be address to :

Ansell Global Trading Center
Cyberjaya .Selangor.

Cranberry 500M $23 all in (No Mandate Box)

Cranberry 500M lots $23


  1. KYC submitted for initial Seller Due Diligence, and SRN Code will be provided for document submissions; plus an acknowledgement of this SOP sent by DocuSign.
  2. LOI, LOA_RWA, ICPO, Buyer DD form, submitted by Buyer to: Seller Name
  3. AML submitted by End Buyer/ Funding Account Holder. IMFPA draft created.
  4. Procurement Authorization Letter with Procurement Company submitted if a Proxy Buyer.
  5. Transactional NCNDA shall be executed between Seller and Buyer.
  6. Procedure confirmation letter shall be agreed upon and signed off by Buyer and Seller.
  7. Transactional Attorney sends email to Buyer’s attorney, confirming the Seller’s RWA to complete transaction, with SGS in possession, and requests for an ATV, along with a current Bank Statement, and a Bank Capability Letter (BCL), to be submitted (with the SRN Code) on Bank Letterhead. (Templates will be provided).
  8. Buyer submits ATV (with current Bank Statement), and a BCL to Seller Transactional Attorney.
  9. Seller-assigned C-Level banker conducts ATV call with Buyer’s Banker and verifies ATV & BCL to complete the FUNDS verification process.
  10. Upon successful ATV & BCL verification, The Seller Attorney instructs AIC or Seller to provide SGS confirmation letter to Buyers Attorney. Immediate Soft PoP for Buyer, with Verifiable Redacted SGS provided. (LOT Code_ERP ). Redacted SGS is sent within 30 minutes of POF verification
  11. Seller´s Attorney provides Buyer’s Attorney with SPA and Escrow agreement drafts
  12. Escrow Agreement & Sales Purchase Agreement entered with a mutual 2% Performance Bond, and IMFPA finalized.
  13. Escrow Fully FUNDED I MT103
  14. FULL Inspection I Full SGS Report immediately; Physical Inspection with BOL_POL
  15. TITLE • Possession I Transaction Completes with Release of Escrow


45% open and there is no mandate box
Seller Requires that the Groups share equally


Cranberry 25M $27.25 all in 10% included; LA, Inspect Today

This Sold

Cranberry 25M

We have the name of the Title Holder of Record

25M Cranberry OTG in LA
$27.25 incl. 10%

Available to inspect today

ICPO, LOI, KYC and ATV. Once verified. We can get you in the warehouse immediately!

Please include Inspector info and ID with initial submission package.

Buyer will receive Bank Template to be submitted to Attorney directly. Please reply with 2-3 appointment windows that your banker in available in the morning for scheduling.

US bank only

Cranberry 50M $32.06 Cash & Carry; Inspection is 2:45 PM in LA area Thursday of next week August 12th, 2021

Cranberry 50M


Inspection is 2:45 PM in LA area Thursday of next week

  1. ICPO from buyer.

  2. Seller invoices buyer with inspection location and time.

  3. Buyer provides KYC/AML and inspector info

  4. Inspector signs documents pertaining to privacy etc.

  5. Buyer inspector inspects and buyer pays.


N95 4M 35¢ Niosh ZYB-11 POL Video & BOL (Looks like 1860s) Not a folding mask

Zhongyi, Branded Chinese N95 NIOSH approved ZYB-11

These are available for sale with more proofs than anything else on our site . . . ever. They look just like the 3M 1860s and they are ready for sale right now. Priced 20 cents under market per mask.

  • Quantity: 3,965,000
  • Price: 35 CENTS all in
  • MOQ: Wish to sell all at once. Will consider an order for at least 1 million pieces at higher price (to be negotiated).
  • Location: OTG in 2 warehouse located in Baldwin Park and Gardena (LA County)

Product Reports

Proofs of Life

  1. Bill of Lading PDF
  2. Proof of Life Video


  • NCNDA between Patriot Health and the buyer group
  • Purchase Order (name given after a NCNDA)
  • Inspect & Pay


  • This is meant to be a quick sale with rock bottom prices which is why it is 35 cents all in with 4 cents available for commissions.
  • A Buyer Intermediary or Broker can add a few cents on to the commission structure, but it must be split 50/50 with Patriot Health
  • Average price for these in the market is in the mid 40 cent range.


A. This is a unique listing between Patriot Health and the titleholder.
B. No POF required from Buyer
C. Seller is very motivated.

Cranberry 50M $26 all in includes 10% comms in LA

A buyer placed an ICPO on this lot within 30 minutes of posting it for sale — Consider it sold. If the buyer fails to proof up and it comes back on the market we will repost this so it goes out to your email as a new notification. 

50M Cranberry

50M Cranberry OTG Inspect & Pay in Los Angeles
$26 all in
Comms: 10% ($2.36)

Buy side 45% open


• DD

Cranberry 2B $21 all in No Proof of Funds rather a $100M MUTUAL Cash Deposit

Cranberry 2B $21 all in

MOQ 2B @ $21.00 all in
5B+ @ $19.80 all in
100% US OTG various locations

(A) Seller funds $100M (first)
(B) Buyer funds $100M
into Tier 1, 3rd party escrow service

SOP is 100% Not Negotiable:


(1a) NCNDA
(2) Buy Side IMFPA
(3) SPA, EA, Master IMFPA & Deposit Agreement Executed unrestricted non performance penalty guarantee
(4) Seller Funds Deposit first $100M
(5) Buyer Funds Deposit within 1 hr
(7) Buyer funds Escrow
(8) Inspect
(9) Pay and Close

– Seller Deposits $100M first into a third party escrow



Cranberry 25M $27 Inspect today just need PO and copy of current bank statement

25M Cranberry South Florida

  1. NCNDA
  2. ICPO
  3. Zoom with seller’s attorney
    • buyer shows them log into their online account and show money or show a bank statement
    • lawyer will show a proof of life from a company like SGS called HSI
  4. an ATV from the buyer then gets back a schedule to inspect the warehouse.
  5. IMFPA and SPA done while waiting for the appointment to walk the warehouse.
  6. Inspect & Pay


Walletz Emerald Nitrile Chemo Gloves 3.6M $10.50 plus a commission of your choosing; Close in 48 hours at this price 510K

3.6 million boxes of Walletz Emerald brand nitrile gloves chemo tested.

$10.50 per box plus a commission of your choosing

SOP: ICPO + signed SPA gets inspect and pay.

Can close tomorrow.

From Randy ESQ

Walletz4u EMERALD_Sell Sheet_Rev.5

Walletz Chemo Rated Nitrile Gloves 510k

Walletz Chemo Rated Nitrile Gloves 510k