Dore Gold 100KG 12/9 Discount; Brazil or Kenya; SBLC or Escrow

Dore Gold (two new sellers)


  • 12 off LBMA
  • 3 for commissions


Two Separate SOP as there are two different sellers


Various Name brand Nitrile Gloves — Hartalega, Hongray, Sri-Trang, Dynarex, RW, Parker Protective

We have the following in stock:

  1. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Hartalega, 300 Count – $15.00/Bx
  2. Nitrile Examination 4.5 Mil, Blue – RW – $4.90/Bx
  3. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Blue – Parker Protective – $4.90/Bx
  4. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Blue – Hongray – $4.10/Bx
  5. Nitrile Examination 6 Mil Black – Parker Protective – $7.10/Bx
  6. Nitrile Examination 6.5 Mil Black – RW – $7.65/Bx
  7. Surgical, Sterile, Latex, Dynarex, 7/7.5/8 – $185/Cs
  8. Latex Examination – Manufactured b Sri-Trang – $5.90/Bx


  • PO from buyer
  • Corporate Invoice from seller
  • Proof of product (Visible Inspection available)
  • Pay & Remove product from the warehouse


  • These are with a supplier where we were the mandate last year. We are now only serving as the mandate. We are still direct.
  • Patriot Health LLC is starting the buy side.
  • Over a dozen transactions completed with this seller.
  • Add a commission to the prices above for you and your buyer chain.

Cranberry RevoSoft 512,960 Boxes $27.50 all in with only 50 cents total commission available

Cranberry RevoSoft — OTG


  • ICPO from Buyer
  • Seller performs DD and then sends a Corporate Invoice
    • Zoom or other Communication between Principles can happen
    • Buyer Signs and Returns the Corporate Invoice
  • Seller sends the Bill of Laden & other Proofs of Life
  • Inspect & Pay


  • $27.50 all in
  • MOQ is 512,960 (not sub-dividing)

Commission Structures

  • Patriot Health LLC requires a box within the commission structure.
  • There is only 50 cents so please do your best to keep the broker chain small.


  • Only Inspectors who are Certified, Insured, TSA and TWIC Approved will be allowed inside the warehouse.
  • Inspectors will also need proof of vaccination.
  • All 512,960 boxes are being sold together.
  • Inspection Schedule: (Can inspect either warehouse first)
    • 12,960 boxes in FL
    • 130K boxes in NJ
    • 370K boxes in PA
  • After a successful transaction, the seller would be willing to ship for free directly to the buyer’s warehouse for inspection and payment.
  • Cranberry RevoSoft Nitrile gloves are better than Cranberry Evolve in many ways.

RevoSoft SPEC Sheet in PDF

KN Masks 4.5 cents each plus a commission

All the same price: 4.5 cents each and add your commission:


  • ICPO
  • Corporate Invoice
  • INSPECT and PAY at spot

Item Name Quantity Availability Cases

  1. KN95 80,000 pcs
  2. ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case
  3. KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case
  4. KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case
  5. KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case
  6. KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case
  7. KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs 2000/case
  8. KN 95 Suoer 300,000 pcs 1000/case
  9. KN 95 Yubaijia 81,000 pcs 900/case
  10. KN 95 Dady Baby 45,000 pcs 1000/case


  • Whatever the buyer is willing to pay.
  • Patriot Health only needs a small commission split.
  • Happy to connect your buyer.

KN95 80,000 pcs

ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case

KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case

KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case

KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case

KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case

KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs 2000/case

KN 95 Suoer 300,000 pcs 1000/case

KN 95 Yubaijia 81,000 pcs 900/case

KN 95 Dady Baby 45,000 pcs 1000/case


Cardinal Flexal 100K to 500K per month Air Freight

Cardinal Flexal

Seller has 11M allocation for 2022. Can airfreight up to 1M per month to a warehouse in your buyer’s home town. Must be an international airport with the ability to do customs as the product is flown in from Malaysia.


  • ICPO (Patriot Health LLC has the seller’s name and address for your ICPO)
  • FCO returned signed and filled out from the Seller
  • Need the FCO Signed by the Buyer
  • Seller provides a LOA about the product and these procedures. Attestation under perjury.
  • Seller requests an easy POF: BCL or Bank Statement. It’s friendly, so a screenshot works too.
  • SGS is offered to the Buyer before the product leaves Malaysia.
  • Buyer puts money in Escrow. Third Party Escrow or dual signature escrow.
  • Seller Provides the Airway Bill.
  • Product lands near the Buyer and is sent to a local warehouse where it is palleted and wrapped for inspection
  • Buyer Inspects and Pays
  • Buyer removes the product


  • Base Price for the Seller not including commission 100K $23
  • Base Price for the Seller not including commission 1M $22.50

Commission Structures

  • Recommended commission is 25 cents regardless of the amount/volume.
  • Seller doesn’t want to see a broker trying to make more money than the seller who has millions of dollars on the line.
  • This requires a small broker chain otherwise the 25 cents isn’t enough to cover the buy side intermediaries.
  • Goal is to have a repeat monthly order creating residual income for the brokers involved.
  • Patriot Health LLC starts the buys side and is direct to this seller acting as a seller mandate.

FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Home Test MOQ: 1M 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory


MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box)
Country of Origin: China or US factory direct
Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary


  • This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries
  • A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This is a Master NCNDA/ Procurement Fee Agreement which protects all Buyer Intermediaries on this transaction and all transactions moving forward.
  • Fee Sharing Agreements with BIs will be signed after Biz Services Agreement is signed.

After Business Serv. Agr. has been signed, Buyer will be introduced directly to the Seller to transact.


  • Call between Medical Distributor and BIs
  • NCNDA – Level 2 with BIs/ Mandates
  • Buyer signs Business Services Agreement. BI’s sign Fee Sharing Agreement.


  • NCNDA – Level 1 Seller/ Buyer/ Mandates
  • Buyer issues ICPO – Template to be provided
  • Factory issues Performa Invoice, Draft SPA and Delivery Schedule
  • Buyer signs and returns
  • Buyer pays to ACON USA directly 100% T/T upfront
  • Deliveries commence according to delivery schedule


  • Contract is between Seller company and Buyer
  • Buyer is able to pay ACON directly in the USA
  • Seller is responsible for all logistics from China to US (DDP Only)
  • Seller is responsible for customs clearance (DDP Only)
  • Seller/ ACON will transport the product from ACON’s warehouse in the US to Buyer’s nominated address (DDP Only)

Why Flowflex?

  • FDA Approved
  • BfArM listed: A1951 /21
  • According to the BASG list, Flowflex* is suitable for personal use
  • WHO listing – for diagnostic SARS-COV-2 tests
  • Test results within 15 minutes


This seller added ten cents to the box price to pay a broker chain. Any more would need to be added to the price and approved by the seller. Patriot Health LLC is covered on the sell side, so the commission starts with you.

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves $22.25 100K boxes available now OTG via Inspect & Pay in Miami, FL

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves


  • ICPO
  • Inspect & Pay

Commissions: $.25 commission total

Price : $22.25 per box of 300

Location: Miami, FL

Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count

Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions can be increased if the buyer is willing to pay more. Extra comms are directly approved by the seller. Increased commissions are shared.  TT payment

Examination Gloves PDF Spec Sheet from Ansell

Cranberry Evolve $24.50 plus a reasonable commission; MOQ 2M

Cranberry Evolve


  • LOI and any preferred terms from the buyer
  • FCA/CIF/DDP all possible
  • Verification of funds securely banker to banker at Chase for whatever they wish to start with the first month – it can be as little as 2 million and they only need to show that they have the money for the first month.


  • We can demonstrate Full chain of custody back to the factories
  • Contract with the 8 largest manufacturing sites which enables direct supply of Cranberry Evolve plus other major brands
  • Offering FCA/CIF/DDP
  • At no point in the process will we ask for any sensitive confidential details pertaining to funds. That is ONLY done with the Chase banker designated for this production program and only for the first month
  • We can do air and sea freight. A very buttoned up process
  • Players are the factory and the supplier, then Patriot Health LLC and the broker chain and the buyer
  • Can be airfreighted in a couple of days. Sea freight 28-35 days depending on the port where it’s going
  • Air freight is actual cost at time of booking. We will beat any air freight quote as the planes are specially re-purposed for this


3 Ply $1.90 all in OTG and Manufactured in the USA (Blue, Black, Pink all same price)

OTG by a USA manufacturer

Can be part OTG and part production in the USA
Black — Pink — Blue
All the same price


  • ICPO Made out to the Manufacturer who is willing to get on a phone and walk around the warehouse to show the buyer it is real.
  • Contract with Terms and conditions sent from Manufacturer to Buyer for sign off
  • 50% down
  • Once lot is produced buyer is invited to inspect
  • 50% remainder paid and lot can be picked up
  • (buyer given 4-5 days to pick up from factory or if more time needed can be picked up from distribution center)


  • $1.90 includes 5 cents which starts with Patriot Health
  • Commissions and exit price can be increased, but needs to be discussed and approved by the manufacturer.

Capacity: approximately 5 million produced every 7-9 days

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT will be sold Inspect & Pay. Schedule a Zoom call soon

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Nitrile Gloves

Cranberry Global is working to minimize fraud so they are making changes to their branding. In 2022 the gloves we sell will be the Cranberry Evolve CT and Cranberry REVOSOFT CT. Both are 300 count boxes and both are a much better glove than the old Evolve. 

Please get familiar with this brand. The REVOSOFT CT are like KC500 as they are .05 mm thick, have the beaded edge and are chemo tested.

Patriot Health will be paid on the sell side and these will be available by the holidays in the hundreds of thousands and low millions. Prices will be better than Evolve and if you have a real buyer you should schedule a Zoom call directly with the supplier and your buyer soon.

These will be sold with an Inspect and Pay model. ICPO, then a phone call with the supplier directly. Proofs of life given and the buyer can verify with Cranberry Global. Then third party Escrow and Inspect & Pay. That’s the SOP.


  • IPCO
  • Zoom with supplier who offers Proofs of Life and other assurances. Buyer can verify with Cranberry directly.
  • PROOF of funds in ESCROW
  • PAY
Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 1

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 1

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 2

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 2

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 3

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 3

Cranberry Evolve 6,100 boxes $30 plus a commission split 50/50 buyside/sellside; Inspect & Pay in Baltimore

Cranberry Evolve 300 count Nitrile Gloves


  • 2170 medium
  • 3930 large

in Baltimore with BOL ready to share.

This is a Inspect and Pay. Was inspected yesterday. Can get your buyer INSPECTING.

Also, another million will be available before the holidays. If your buyer buys this then they will be at the front of the line for the next million which will also be Inspect & Pay


  • IPCO
  • PROOF of funds in ESCROW
  • PAY

Best Safe Nitrile Gloves 32K $6.25 per box plus a reasonable commission in Los Angeles, CA

Best Safe Nitrile Gloves 32K (100 count)

32,000 – 100 Count Boxes at $6.25/box

  • 28,100 Medium – 100 count boxes
  • 3,900 Large – 100 count boxes

Immediate Availability in Los Angeles, CA

PDF — US SIMPLE_BestSafe_Nitrile_Blue_Gloves_Brochure

Add a commission that is reasonable. Nothing crazy. 20 cents per box would be considered healthy.

StarMed Plus Nitrile Gloves 20K (300 count) $18.25 per box plus a reasonable commission ($6.08/100 count) in Indianapolis, IN

StarMed Plus Nitrile Gloves 20K (300 count)

$18.25/box plus a reasonable commission (under 50 cents recommended)

19,780 – 300 Count Boxes at $18.25/box ($6.08/100 count equivalent)

  • 9,890 Medium – 300 count boxes
  • 9,890 Large – 300 count boxes

Immediate Availability in Indianapolis, IN

Add a commission that is reasonable. Nothing crazy. 30 cents would be considered healthy.

Gloves are available for immediate pickup

StarMed Plus Nitrile Gloves 20K (300 count) $18.25/box plus a reasonable commission ($6.00/100 count) in Indianapolis, IN

Cranberry CT (Chemo Tested) 80K boxes $32 plus a buy side commission in LA

80,000 boxes Cranberry Chemo Tested $32.00 plus a commission
Available today. These are not plain and boring Evolve. These are the CT gloves. 300 per box. Chemo Tested!

Cranberry 300 Evolve CT (Chemo Tested) 80K boxes

Commission for the buyside should be under 50 cents total please. Maybe price it $32.50 for your exit buyer. Commission starts with you.

  • ICPO
  • We show proof of product first!
  • Load escrow
  • Inspect and pay


Titleholder is a friend of mine. No chain. Real transaction with just an ICPO

Cranberry Evolve 100M to 300M $26 plus commission



100 M to 300 M – 26 + 1 USD commission or up to 10%






ALL PROCESS WILL BE COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS. This deal is literally only valid for the next 5 days

100% OTG and in LA

Titleholder is private and has 3B total available

Safe Health 616K $7.25 all in Chemo Nitrile Gloves in Exton PA

SAFE HEALTH Blue Nitrile Exam Gloves | Chemo-Rated-Fentanyl Resistant | Free of Latex-Powder | Textured-Disposable

No prove up, just need a credible buyer

Price drop

  • Exam $7.25

  • Chemo $7.50

(They have regular, weekly deliveries up to 200k bxs: $0.50 coms for facilitators.)

616,070 boxes in Exton PA now with rolls and extensions of 500K boxes per week.

COMMODITY: Safe Health Nitrile Examination Gloves in Total 61,607 Cases (10 boxes per case)

S/M/L (100 piece per box) XL (90 piece per box)


  • SNC3B2 Safe Health Nitrile Small 100/bx, 10bx/cs 9,745
  • SNC3B3 Safe Health Nitrile Medium 100/bx, 10bx/cs 21,283
  • SNC3B4 Safe Health Nitrile Large 100/bx, 10bx/cs 21,194
  • SNC3B5 Safe Health Nitrile X-Large 90/bx, 10bx/cs 9,385

Delivery fee to the tri-state is included in the price.
This lot and future lots can be coordinated to be delivered directly to them.

Future orders will not be moved to one central location, the goods are usually spread out to 3 distribution hubs, Texas, South Carolina and PA. They were moved here one time for us to do these videos and satisfy our clients.

Cardinal Flexal 100K shipped to your warehouse within 48 hours

Cardinal Flexal

We can supply up to 100,000 per week and possibly more. Cardinal Health provides free shipping with a quick turn-around (a day or two) depending on submission of PO and payment in full in escrow (dual signature).
Cost per box $23.25/box which includes a 45 cent commission for the buy-side brokers.

FYI – We have a second supplier that we can get an additional 100,000 per week and possibly more but the cost is $24.50/box.

Same seller has 500K Cranberry ready for pickup for $31.25/box which includes a 30 cent commission to any brokers.
Direct exit buyer relationship preferred.

Not to muddy the waters, but we did a twelve month contract for a government buyer. We finance the deal and bring in 250K boxes a month into a warehouse. 100% at our expense. The buyer walks into the warehouse and inspects. Within 48 hours the seller is paid and the buyer removes the product. With this 12 month contract arrangement we were able to offer $22.60 per box which includes 50 cents for the buyer intermediaries and anyone else who needs to get paid on the buy side. If you have a buyer who wants Cardinals for six or twelve months, we have a great solution. 


  • ICPO
  • Verify product. The buyer can check with Cardinal directly. All paperwork is ready to share with a buyer
  • Escrow is funded
  • Cardinal is paid and the product is shipped

Commission Structures

The pricing from this seller is meant for an end user / exit buyer. If you are a broker there is a decent commission available, but after the first deal closes, if it becomes a standing monthly order, then it could be a really good deal for the broker bringing a real buyer.


The Cranberry are ready for pickup. Buyer will need a logistics plan. The Cardinals are shipped for free to the buyer’s warehouse from one of Cardinals four warehouses based on proximity. Product is shipped within 48 hours of payment from escrow.

Cranberry 300B & 50B $16.50 all in Full SGS with 50% Commissions open to buy side

300B Cranberry & 50B OTG + FULL SGS
16.50 all in
50% open starts with our groups
Failed buyer

  • NCNDA issued by Seller with ALL Parties to the Transaction clearly articulated
  • ICPO, LOI, KYC issued by Buyer – all transaction documents to be submitted and maintained via a secure data room with access for Buyer, Seller, Mandates and Attorneys only
  • FCO issued by Seller, upon completion of Due Diligence including potential “soft probe”
  • Buyer and Seller video call (including mandates only), contact details of buyer and seller (including direct mandates and attorneys) swapped . Any updates to the FCO/SOP updated and executed by both parties
  • SPA, Escrow and other transaction documents shared and executed
  • SWIFT MTXXX/BCL/Certified Bank Statement for funds verification and ATV (Authority to Verify) executed for verification of bank documentation
  • A2A for sharing and validation of title documents (Bill of Lading, SGS Quality/Quantity, Lot #s) via secure server
  • Invoices Issued, Escrow Funded
  • Inspection
  • Invoice(s) and any other necessary transaction documentation issued
  • A2A to complete/close and transfer title. Title Transferred and Payments made (contemporaneously)
  • Exit Logistics Commence or Warehouse ‘Takeover’ as appropriate per SPA

NOTE: Entire should take 3-7 business days.


It is possible to waive certain steps in the SOP by discussion


Cranberry 25M $25.50 all in which includes $1 comms; Inspect & Pay Miami

Cranberry 25M $25.50 all in


  • Proof Up
  • Inspect & Pay

Commission Structures

  • A dollar is included. Split 50/50


  • A few acceptable ways to verify financial capacity are: (i) ATV on Corporate Letterhead & Bank Statement; (ii) BCL; (iii) Certified Statement; (iv) View Only Login Access; (v) Fed Wire Reference Number to Buyer’s Attorney’s Account and Confirmation from Counsel; or (vi) MT799
  • Po and bank statement with authorization to conduct a soft probe

Cranberry 10B $20.25 all in (5B $19.50 plus10%)

Cranberry 10B x 3 lots

3 x 10B OTG
$20.25 all in

1st lot : 100% OTG usa
2nd lot : 80% OTG usa
3rd lot : 50% OTG usa

5B price is $19.50+10%


  • FCO
  • BCL with ATV
  • Verification of Funds
  • SPA + Escrow Agreement + Escrow Signing Agreement + IMFPA
  • Redacted SGS
  • Funding seller dedicated escrow account or mutually agreed escrow
  • Full SGS
  • Inspection at seller dedicated warehouse
  • Release of payment to the seller
  • Pick up stock / Despatch of goods

Commission Structures

Normal 10% and Patriot Health starts the buy side asking for a normal and even participation. As long as it is transparent and equitable we will be good with our share.


Seller has three lots available. OTG changes based on what buyer needs.

Variety Covid Antigen Tests Oct 1, 2021

The Patriot Health Team is direct to the mandate for the list below. Some of these are ready for pickup. Others take a few weeks to get. These are not OTG in your hometown warehouse. The manufacturer has OTG and will send them out as fast as possible. The last column shows the expectation for when you will receive these items. If you do not have an NCNDA with us then please request one here.

ABBOTT Binax NOW™Ag Card TRUE POC 40 6,400 NP/AN 7.20 PER TEST 720,000 7-10 WEEKS
SIENNA Sienna Covid-19 Antigen TRUE POC 25 9,800 NP 5.25 PER TEST 80,000 2-4 WEEKS
PHASE SCI Indicaid™ TRUE POC 25 12,000 NP 4.00 PER TEST 150,000 5-7 DAYS
CELLTRION Celltrion DiaTrustTM TRUE POC 25 9,800 NP 5.45 PER TEST 80,000 2 WEEKS OUT
ABBOTT Binax NOW™Ag Card TRUE POC 2 1,728 AN $18.50 500,000 5-7 DAYS DELIVERY
ORASURE Intelliswab TRUE POC 2 1,920 AN InteliSwab prices below 320,000 5-7 DAYS DELIVERY

Cranberry 1B $21.50 all in (same price in 1B increments up to 50B)

Cranberry 1B $21.50 with 1B increments to 50B max


2) KYC from buyer issued to Seller Mandate OR Title Holder In-Take Attorney
3) Due Diligence 24h to 48h
4) Upon successful completion of DD, buyer and seller attorney connect on next steps and docs submission.
5) Buyer Issues ICPO, LOA on POF that the money is in JP Morgan Chase … Buyer Procurement Representative submits file to Titleholder / Attorney.
6) Seller/Titleholder both execute ICPO agreeing to SOP
7) IMFPA Agreements issued and executed by Buyer and Seller for Parties being paid in Transaction
8) Seller/TH attorney from Top Law Firm responds with LOA within 4 hrs/no later than next business morning post submission documents approval, confirming they have Product and capability to sell product free & clear with no liens and encumbrances, own title of Product, can transfer proof of product (“POP”) with electronic listing of SGS lot numbers on the Product within 4 hours and can also provide a Tabletop Meeting in NYC showing all verifiable POP documents to the Buyer and/or the Buyer’s invited 3rd Parties.
9) LOA from Seller Attorney is lodged with Buyer’s Bank, JPM Chase at Executive Level, and Buyer schedules POF within no more than 4 hrs Ledger to Ledger/Banker to Banker with JPM Chase Bank with Seller’s Executive Level Banker at Chase Bank (Seller will provide all necessary Banker Information to Buyer Attorney). POF must be in Buyer’s name as transactional funds on deposit at JPM Chase and shall be provided for the total purchase price amount / Boxes) by JPM Chase Bank with full banking responsibility on behalf of Buyer.
10) Buyer Attorney provides Letter of confirmation that POF has been successfully completed with JPM Chase Bank with Full Banking Responsibility and that funds are available with full banking responsibility and authorized by account holder/Buyer to purchase PPE Product and free and clear with no liens and encumbrances for Transaction Ref No: XXX
11) Within 4 hours of successful POF verification, POP is sent to Buyer/Buyer Attorney by Seller Attorney
12) SPA & Escrow Agreement is released and executed by Buyer and Seller
13) Buyer Escrows Funds ledger to ledger as per Escrow Agreement & SPA
14) Inspection of Product with release of addresses of Warehouses and times for Inspection
15) Payment for Product released as per Escrow Agreement & All Fees paid contemporaneously
16) Title Transfer for Product released to Buyer
17) Logistics/take over of warehouses & Tranche Schedule as per SPA

Commission Structures

  • 21.50 all in (10%), 41.66% open to buy side (* note that the exit pricing can not be raised on the IMFPA/final agreement to increase commissions.
  • Buyer groups can set up side procurement agreements with the buyers if they want additional comms).


  • SOP changes are not allowed unless it is agreed upon in writing between the buyer and seller.
  • MOQ = 1B (with 1B increments to 50B max)
  • Table Top Meeting closing available



Cranberry 100M $24.50 all in; Can close in 48 hours or less

Cranberry 100M $24.50 all in


  • ICPO
  • Proof Up (ATV & BCL preferred, otherwise certified Bank Statement)
  • SGS from attorney after proofing up
  • Inspect & Pay

Commission Structures

  • Patriot Health LLC participates in the available buy side commission. It can be negotiated. Not sure of all the details, but I know there is at least 50 cents open.


  • Lot is in various warehouses in 4 to 5 states.
  • We don’t want proxies for this deal as there is already one proxy in place who moves out of the way during proofing up.
  • Can close today/tomorrow

Blue 3 Ply $1.90 AOK 24M & True Calm 40M; Can buy today with escrow or do Inspect & Pay

Click for PDF Spec Sheet

Blue 3 Ply: AOK 24M & True Calm 40M

These are counted and ready for sale from another order.


  • ICPO & First page of a bank statement
  • Commercial Invoice from Seller and redacted BOL
  • POF Video


  • 2.5c commissions starting with Patriot Health
  • Comms can be increased.


  • Once money escrowed 3rd party they will get title transfer
  • Pick up or delivered
  • Delivery CIF
  • $1.95 all in per box delivered
  • $1.90 all in pick up price per box

Click for PDF Spec Sheet

Black 3 Py 500K boxes $2.55 all in 100% OTG in LA

500K Black 3 Ply Masks $2.55 all in

with R&E of 200-250K boxes per week ongoing


ICPO to: BV Inc. c/o Epione Health
Inspect Today


15 cents of commission is open to the buyside. Patriot Health starts the buyside and asks for equal distribution of that 15 cents based on the number of groups needing to get paid.

3M 1860 20M x 12 $1.70 plus 10% DDP to your warehouse!!!

Special 3m 1860 offer USA

20x 12 months price is 1.70+10%
This is the best price including of transportation to the buyer warehouse, logistics by 3M.

Even if somebody wants weekly, we can do that as well. Sign an NCNDA and talk to the mandate.
From my seller mandate

Patriot Health starts a 16.667 buyside traditional commission structure.

3M 1860 100M $1.80 plus 10% Inspect & Pay

We have 100 m 1860 inspect and pay lot is avalible. Please confirm if you have some buyers for that we can arrange inspection tomorrow or Monday it self. The price us 1.80+10% it’s real lot


My seller mandate asked Patriot Health to sell this. So, Patriot Health starts the buy side.

ZHIBO Black 3 Ply $2.35 includes 5 cents comm; 800K OTG Boxes

ZHIBO Masks 800K Boxes Black

Black 3-ply 800K boxes

ZHIBO Black Spec Sheets

OTG Monday 9/20 in LA
Future deliveries can be directed to Buyer’s choice airport.

Up to 5M boxes per week ongoing available.

$2.35 incl. $.05 buy side comms


  • ICPO
  • 1% deposit or LC
  • Inspect
  • Pay

R&E available
Direct access to the TH
Vetted lot


Patriot Health starts the $.05 buy side commissions


Cranberry 10B $18.50 includes a 10% commission and can close in 72 hours

Cranberry 10B $18.50 includes a 10%

ICPO needs to say “up to $19.50” with an understanding that the seller is going to offer it at $18.50 to qualified buyers. They are buying 10B a month and can offer R/E to buyers who need more.


KYC, AML, ICPO, Fee Agreement, Authorization
Escrow Agreement, IMFPA
Straight to close

Commission Structures

  • Sell takes 50%
  • Buyer side is divided into 3rds. Meaning there is
    • 16.667 set aside for the buyer mandate.
    • 16.667 set aside for another team and then
    • Patriot Health starts the third 16.667 of the buy side.


  • Qualified buyers can close in 72 hours
  • MUST be actual buyer and actual buyer’s account info on the KYC & AML.
  • All documents will be sent directly to the coordinating attorney.

Cranberry 5B $19.50 includes a 10% commission and can close tomorrow; R/E available

Cranberry 5B $19.50 includes a 10%


KYC, AML, ICPO, Fee Agreement, Authorization
Escrow Agreement, IMFPA
Straight to close

Commission Structures

  • Sell takes 50%
  • Buyer side is divided into 3rds. Meaning there is
    • 16.667 set aside for the buyer mandate.
    • 16.667 set aside for another team and then
    • Patriot Health starts the third 16.667 of the buy side.


Seller can close in 24 hours as it is a failed lot. Seller is very motivated.