FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Home Test MOQ: 1M 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory


MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box)
Country of Origin: China or US factory direct
Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary


  • This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries
  • A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This is a Master NCNDA/ Procurement Fee Agreement which protects all Buyer Intermediaries on this transaction and all transactions moving forward.
  • Fee Sharing Agreements with BIs will be signed after Biz Services Agreement is signed.

After Business Serv. Agr. has been signed, Buyer will be introduced directly to the Seller to transact.


  • Call between Medical Distributor and BIs
  • NCNDA – Level 2 with BIs/ Mandates
  • Buyer signs Business Services Agreement. BI’s sign Fee Sharing Agreement.


  • NCNDA – Level 1 Seller/ Buyer/ Mandates
  • Buyer issues ICPO – Template to be provided
  • Factory issues Performa Invoice, Draft SPA and Delivery Schedule
  • Buyer signs and returns
  • Buyer pays to ACON USA directly 100% T/T upfront
  • Deliveries commence according to delivery schedule


  • Contract is between Seller company and Buyer
  • Buyer is able to pay ACON directly in the USA
  • Seller is responsible for all logistics from China to US (DDP Only)
  • Seller is responsible for customs clearance (DDP Only)
  • Seller/ ACON will transport the product from ACON’s warehouse in the US to Buyer’s nominated address (DDP Only)

Why Flowflex?

  • FDA Approved
  • BfArM listed: A1951 /21
  • According to the BASG list, Flowflex* is suitable for personal use
  • WHO listing – for diagnostic SARS-COV-2 tests
  • Test results within 15 minutes


This seller added ten cents to the box price to pay a broker chain. Any more would need to be added to the price and approved by the seller. Patriot Health LLC is covered on the sell side, so the commission starts with you.