Superieur Gloves – $9.13 all in

Superieur Gloves – FOB Malaysia.
Price: $9.13 all in.
Quantity: 10M/month for 6 months OR 10M/month for 12 months.
Buyer side com open: 45.66 open

SOP Superieurs

Fast track:

  1. LOI + proof of funds
  2. FCO from seller (very fast, sometimes in hours) to be returned signed by buyer
  3. SPA in Word from seller (so can be modified)
  4. Payment with SBLC o BG with mt103

Payments condition may vary from shipfright to airfright

(Ref: Mar)

Supérieur 500M OTG Miami $11.55 all in

$10.50+10%=$11.55 all in

$1.05 total commission
Seller side closed
$0.55 buyer side OPEN:
BM $0.27
BI $0.28 OPEN and divided into 4 equal groups of $0.07 each:
BI-1 – brings David CLOSED
BI-2 – interm 1 MS CLOSED
BI-3 – interm 2 GB OPEN
BI-4 – brings buyer OPEN


  1. NCNDA
  2. Current Doc’s LOI, ICPO, LOA
  3. DD check
  4. Seller approves
  5. A2A is scheduled
  6. MT199 or MT799 to proof up only with the Seller.
  7. Inspection
  8. Release and Pay

ICPO to: after NCNDA

re: TJ

Superieur Production Contract Price – FOB $6.70/box

Superieur Production Contract
1.2 Billion per month
Price – FOB $6.70/box
MOQ – 100 million per month
Commission $0.20 for buyer side.
Can markup
Simplest SOP
1. NCNDA signed by buyer till seller mandate
2. LOI by buyer
3. Seller will send SPA draft and buyer needs to sign it and send it back along with ICPO and LC draft.
NCNDA to be sent directly to the buyer which would be signed by the seller.
4. Seller approves the LC and signs the SPA and sends the proforma invoice with delivery schedule to the buyer.
5. Seller shows all the proofs required to comfort the buyer.
6. Buyer once satisfied and then open LC in 48 hours.
7. Goods deliver and LC cleared

MT799 / SBLC works
After SBLC we will give you allocation and there is 300 million right now available in Vietnam for immediate SGS. Buyer can send his own SGS.

The seller will put his own money to the factory for getting you the access for SGS.

All these Hot Deals Require a LOI/LOA/ICPO first. To buy this immediately call 770-807-9948. This should be considered sold unless you are told it is not sold.