Cranberry Evolve CT 250K $28.50 plus a 50 cent commission

Cranberry Evolve CT


  • 250K/MONTH $28.50 plus a Commission of 50 cents
  • 12 month commitment


  • PO
  • Inspect & Pay
  • First month of 250K is available now for inspection in LA


  • Commission is 50 cents per box. Can be diminished if the broker chain is very small
  • 50 cents goes to the buy side
  • Buy side starts with you

Cranberry Evolve 10M $28.50 all in with Performance Escrow

Cranberry Evolve


  • 10M $28.50
  • 25M $28.00
  • Larger lots are claimed to be available, but the Glove Report no longer has faith in anything over 25M so we are not listing the larger lot sizes


  • NCNDA (Optional)
  • ICPO (with transaction ref #), KYC & AML
  • Mutually Funded Performance Escrow – (Optional amount negotiable – 3rd party neutral escrow account)
  • Verify funds (certified bank statement and ATV …….. or can be banker to banker verification)
  • Verifiable SGS (one time access to SGS portal summarizes lot & batch #’s, etc.)
  • SPA, EA redlined & signed
  • Escrow fully funded – (BPU ok)
  • Full SGS & Inspections scheduled and completed
  • Payment release, Title transfer and Product collection


    • Funds must be at a top tier bank
    • The company or Individual name on the ICPO must match the account holder name on the bank account being used to fund the transaction
    • The KYC and AML must be from the end buyer whose funds will be used for the transaction (funding partner can be shared confidentially with the TH attorney)
    • Performance Escrow:
      Both parties mutually fund the performance escrow (seller nominates 3rd party neutral escrow agent). For the buyer the escrow acts as a small deposit who after verifiable SGS is shared with them funds the remainder of the escrow. The seller forfeits their escrow fund if they cannot provide the buyer with SGS and inspections of the goods.
      They will do any level performance bond the buyer wants as long as it’s material i.e. millions of dollars but the buyer still has to verify funds after the seller and buyer both put money into the mutual performance escrow. This is not replacing the proof up it’s just to instill confidence in the buyer that the seller is real and willing to put their own money up which they forfeit if they cannot provide SGS and inspections.
    • Our connection is a guy named Michael who has closed three times with the titleholder and he is paid on the sell side.
    • Commissions are classic 1/3 splits.

Cranberry RevoSoft 512,960 Boxes $27.50 all in with only 50 cents total commission available

Cranberry RevoSoft — OTG


  • ICPO from Buyer
  • Seller performs DD and then sends a Corporate Invoice
    • Zoom or other Communication between Principles can happen
    • Buyer Signs and Returns the Corporate Invoice
  • Seller sends the Bill of Laden & other Proofs of Life
  • Inspect & Pay


  • $27.50 all in
  • MOQ is 512,960 (not sub-dividing)

Commission Structures

  • Patriot Health LLC requires a box within the commission structure.
  • There is only 50 cents so please do your best to keep the broker chain small.


  • Only Inspectors who are Certified, Insured, TSA and TWIC Approved will be allowed inside the warehouse.
  • Inspectors will also need proof of vaccination.
  • All 512,960 boxes are being sold together.
  • Inspection Schedule: (Can inspect either warehouse first)
    • 12,960 boxes in FL
    • 130K boxes in NJ
    • 370K boxes in PA
  • After a successful transaction, the seller would be willing to ship for free directly to the buyer’s warehouse for inspection and payment.
  • Cranberry RevoSoft Nitrile gloves are better than Cranberry Evolve in many ways.

RevoSoft SPEC Sheet in PDF

KN Masks 4.5 cents each plus a commission

All the same price: 4.5 cents each and add your commission:


  • ICPO
  • Corporate Invoice
  • INSPECT and PAY at spot

Item Name Quantity Availability Cases

  1. KN95 80,000 pcs
  2. ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case
  3. KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case
  4. KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case
  5. KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case
  6. KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case
  7. KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs 2000/case
  8. KN 95 Suoer 300,000 pcs 1000/case
  9. KN 95 Yubaijia 81,000 pcs 900/case
  10. KN 95 Dady Baby 45,000 pcs 1000/case


  • Whatever the buyer is willing to pay.
  • Patriot Health only needs a small commission split.
  • Happy to connect your buyer.

KN95 80,000 pcs

ShuangYing 80,000 pcs 1250/case

KN 95 300,000 pcs 1000/case

KN 95 UCAFIX 1.7 mil 1000/case

KN 95 QK 400,000 1500/case

KN 95 BO 320,000 pcs 1600/case

KN 95 Son&Mon 700,000 pcs 2000/case

KN 95 Suoer 300,000 pcs 1000/case

KN 95 Yubaijia 81,000 pcs 900/case

KN 95 Dady Baby 45,000 pcs 1000/case