Cardinal Flexal 100K to 500K per month Air Freight

Cardinal Flexal

Seller has 11M allocation for 2022. Can airfreight up to 1M per month to a warehouse in your buyer’s home town. Must be an international airport with the ability to do customs as the product is flown in from Malaysia.


  • ICPO (Patriot Health LLC has the seller’s name and address for your ICPO)
  • FCO returned signed and filled out from the Seller
  • Need the FCO Signed by the Buyer
  • Seller provides a LOA about the product and these procedures. Attestation under perjury.
  • Seller requests an easy POF: BCL or Bank Statement. It’s friendly, so a screenshot works too.
  • SGS is offered to the Buyer before the product leaves Malaysia.
  • Buyer puts money in Escrow. Third Party Escrow or dual signature escrow.
  • Seller Provides the Airway Bill.
  • Product lands near the Buyer and is sent to a local warehouse where it is palleted and wrapped for inspection
  • Buyer Inspects and Pays
  • Buyer removes the product


  • Base Price for the Seller not including commission 100K $23
  • Base Price for the Seller not including commission 1M $22.50

Commission Structures

  • Recommended commission is 25 cents regardless of the amount/volume.
  • Seller doesn’t want to see a broker trying to make more money than the seller who has millions of dollars on the line.
  • This requires a small broker chain otherwise the 25 cents isn’t enough to cover the buy side intermediaries.
  • Goal is to have a repeat monthly order creating residual income for the brokers involved.
  • Patriot Health LLC starts the buys side and is direct to this seller acting as a seller mandate.

Cranberry Evolve 25M $26.50 all in; Long Beach, CA (not CT or RevoSoft) failed buyer

Cranberry Evolve


25 Million OTG
Long Beach, CA area


  • NCNDA from seller. Seller sends it out. Important for the seller to do this.
  • ICPO/KYC/AML  —  Due Diligence by Seller, vetting attorney will contact buyer attorney if needed for DD
  • Get the lawyer to write an LOA that the buyer has strong funds and is RWA
  • IMFPA/Escrow Agreement/SPA (within the SPA the buyer can change the escrow language with a direct wire if preferred)
  • Buyer moves money into the buyer’s attorney Escrow.
  • SGS Provided
  • Warehouse Inspection
  • Upon Inspection, Buyer Wires Total Balance / Title Transfers


  • This is a failed buyer. Will sell in the next 24 hours. Ready for inspection Thursday.
  • Buyer’s Escrow needs to be funded and then they will allow inspection. LOA from buyer’s attorney get’s inspection in 24 hours.
  • Patriot Health LLC is talking to the seller mandate with one group in-between.
  • $2.41 commission built into the $26.50
    • 50/50 split Seller and Buyer side
    • 44% of the 1.205 is available for the buy side. (Don’t ask me why. Sellers decision.)
    • No Mandate Box. The commission is split three ways.
      • 1/3 to Patriot Health LLC .35
      • 1/3 to Joes Group .35
      • 1/3 to Various Intermediaries .35 (Everyone is fitting into this box. Only one person in there currently named Bill.)
    • Currently, there are three boxes and 35 cents open.
    • The price can be increased to $27 all in and the extra 50 cents would be added to the buy side commission structure and then divided into fourths creating a new box for you and your broker group. In that scenario the boxes would look like the below:
      • 1/4 to Patriot Health LLC .39
      • 1/4 to Joes Group .39
      • 1/4 to Various Intermediaries .39
      • 1/4 to Your Broker Box .39