Cranberry 100M $26 all in; located in LA

Cranberry 100M $26 all in; located in LA

Confirmed lot.

100M Cranberry 300
Location LA
Licensed bonded Federal inspector can inspect Bonded LA Warehouse. TODAY

$26.00 all in (10% is built in)

Simple POF….
-ICPO to Seller
– Bank Statement from Top Tier Bank & Screenshot of current balance ( No investment bank)
– Zoom between Buyer & Seller w/ bank details showing funds.
– Address given for inspection.
The top tier bank is preferably JPMORGAN or BOA

Product sells quickly. You should not spend money drawing up legal paperwork to reserve the product for your client until you ask if it is still available. Email to inquire. Available product can be reserved by submitting a LOI/LOA/ICPO. 

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