Cranberry Evolve 300 1M / week $24 all in 25 cent comm (close to an Inspect & Pay)

Cranberry Evolve 300 1M/Month $24

Procedures and Notes in PDF


  • Pre-Qualification: Consultation
    • Confirm business requirements and financial capabilities + logistics
  • Consultation Between Buyer and Seller
    • Review transactional structure and understand financial logistics.
    • Determine funds verification method and Logistics Schedule
  • ICPO
  • Full Corporate Offer (FCO)
  • Funds Verification
    • Confirmation of funds in buyer’s account or 5% deposit
  • SPA (If Contract)
  • Product Verification / Proof of Product
    • SGS/Inspection at Port of Departure, Video if Requested, Airway Bill or Bill of Lading
  • Goods are Paid for according to the SPA
  • Inspection within 2 days
    • Air Cargo arrives in 2 days
  • Commission

Pricing & Commissions

  • 1M a week up to 52 weeks
  • First 5 weeks are air cargo at $25.00
  • Week 6 plus to 52 weeks are $24.00 via sea
  • Total Commission available is 25 cents per box

Financial Features

  • Funds stay in buyer’s account.
    • Non-invasive proof of funds: Buyer can demonstrate funds in their own account, escrow, IOLTA
  • Funds are not deployed until buyer receives POL (No Deposit, No Escrow)
    • The buyer will receive SGS/Inspection Report (Malaysia) + Airway-Bill or BOL.
  • Product titled in Buyer’s name
    • Product will be titled in the name of the buyer, prior to departing port of origin.
  • Product Received in 2 Days
    • First 5 tranches arrive Air-Cargo, 6+ Tranches arrive via Sea for continuous delivery.


  • This is a friendly sale with no broker chains.
  • Patriot Health LLC starts the buyside