The Patriot Health Team is direct to the mandate for the list below. It is updated every three days or when necessary. 99% of these lots can be held for your client with an ICPO. Tell us what you want, we will verify it is available and send in your ICPO to capture it. If you do not have an NCNDA with us then please request one here.

U TouchThreeWhite/Blue$2.4510M White/10 M Blue5 CentsICPO.Inspect.payLA
GuoyanOneBlue$2.051M5 centsICPO Inspect and PayLos Angeles
WinnerOneBlue$2.053 Million. 450K OTG. - 2.55 M to be Palletized5 CentsICPO inspect and paySouth Florida
FFGOneBlue$2.183.27 million5 CentsICPO to TitleholderSeattle/ Los Angeles
FFGOneBlue$2.18300 K5 CentsICPO to TitleholderLos Angeles
FFGOneBlue 100 count$4.15450 K5 CentsICPO to TitleholderLos Angeles
TrulyOneBlue$2.15500K5 CentsICPO to TitleholderLos Angeles
Lucky StarThreeBlue$2.202 x 500 K5 CentsICPO to TitleholderLos Angeles
JXOneBlue$2.15564 K5 CentsICPO to TitleholderLos Angeles
CarpettaTwoBlue$1.951 million5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceLA
SismateTwoBlue$2.10298 K5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceFL
Everwin PrecisionThreeBlue$1.9524 M5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceHouston, TX
Bebay SurgicalTwoBlue$2.0010M5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceBrooklyn, NY
SismateTwoBlue$1.95450K5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceMiami
GuoyanOneBlue$2.051M5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceLA
GuoyanOneBlue$2.0510 M5 CentsICPO/Inspector ID/Commercial InvoiceMiami, FL
Five StarOneBlue$2.1312.5 million5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
LHSKOneBlue$2.051 million5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
DreOneBlue$2.106 million5 CentsICPOMinneapolis
Various brandsOneBlue$2.05600 K5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
JialongOneBlue childrens$1.801.8 million boxes5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
WinnersOneBlue$2.00450 K5 CentsICPOSouth Florida
SismateOneBlue$2.00300 K5 CentsICPOMiami
AmrapurOneBlue$2.001 million with 4 million more behind them5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
PaneffortTwoBlue$1.951 million per week5 CentsICPORochester, NY
BYDTwoBlue$2.154 million5 CentsICPODallas
Truly CalmOneBlue$2.00628 K per week5 CentsICPOCity of Industry
Lucky StarOneBlue$1.9540 million boxes. In containers in Los Angeles5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
WinnerOneBlue$2.053 million boxes5 CentsICPOSouth Florida
IkonOneBlue$1.951 million5 CentsICPOLaredo, TX
Truly CalmOneBlue$1.95628 K5 CentsICPOLos Angeles
KJ/ Truly CalmOneBlue$1.951 million with rolls and extensions to 5 million5 CentsICPOLos Angeles

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  1. Ranjan Sabu on September 20, 2021 at 7:43 am

    require 10mn Boxes of Pink mask.. Tgt price 2. usd incuding comms.

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