500M Cranberry OTG – USA – $21.80 all in

500M Cranberry OTG – USA – $21.80 all in

Only Serious & RWA Buyers who have and know how to transact. Title Holder Channel

below 10B 100% OTG
above 10B 10%-30% OTG

After POF verified, seller can provide SGS 24-48 hours.
Basically we can offer 10%-30% OTG for order more than 10B
Actual OTG ratio can be discussed at A2A


  1. Completed NCNDA
  2. Mandate call with buyer, mandate and attorney.
  3. Mandate verify funds as vetting attorney (no need for fresh MT).
  4. Buyer send confirmation e-mail to seller regarding SOP, price+commission split.
  5. MT199/MT799 sent to closing attorney (fresh).
  6. Mandate provides IMFPA+ paperwork with the seller’s name.
  7. Buyer complete paperwork within 24 hours.
  8. Buyer send paperwork directly to seller.
  9. Seller confirms receipt of paperwork.
  10. A2A + SPA+ Joint Escrow agreement.
  11. Closing attorney provides buyer’s attorney 100% SGS or SGS+lot numbers or lot numbers only
  12. Buyer verifies SGS at SGS Global Center
  13. Buyer moves funds into closing attorney IOLTA account.
  14. Seller provides AWB documentation.
  15. Buyer release funds, including commissions.
  16. Closing.

Steps to get started

  1. Please fill out this Pre-Vetting Document about the buyer. If revealing the buyer before the NCNDA is a problem for you then please complete the rest of the document to the best of your ability.
  2. Prepare for the NCNDA by collecting the names and emails of the buyer mandate and the others who are part of the deal. critical-the seller sends out the NCNDA. The seller will not send an NCNDA with 12 people. Six is the limit. That is the buyer mandate, the seller mandate, a facilitator or two and that’s it. After this mini-NCNDA is done there is a Zoom between the mandates with their attorneys. If it goes well, if they are aligned on the SOP, then
    • a second NCNDA goes out to all the intermediaries tying the seller side to the buyer side and everyone in-between.
    • the seller asks for an LOI/ICPO/LOA be sent to the seller attorney.
    • the seller responds with an LOA and other proofs of life.
    • after proofing up the seller will also offer an RWA at the buyer’s request.
    • when money is moved into an IOTA or Escrow account the SGS is provided.


The commission is split 50/50 to the buy and sell side. The seller does push a facilitator team into the buyer intermediary side. There is also the team running this website. To simplify the IMFPA these two teams combine and use Mark Denzin as their paymaster. Others can join into a sub-fee with Mark Denzin if they like to keep the IMFPA streamlined. This large group asks for even, equitable and transparent commission negotiations.

Prices often change by a nickel or dime over the weekend. Please ask during the mandate to mandate call for current pricing.

Product sells quickly. You should not spend money drawing up legal paperwork to reserve the product for your client until you ask if it is still available. Email sales@patriot.health to inquire. Available product can be reserved by submitting a LOI/LOA/ICPO. 

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    - Brand - 1860 / Cardinal / Cranberry
    - Quantity
    - Target Price
    - Location that buyer wants to be delivered
    - % of ready stock for each brand they are requesting
    - Payment instrument (Cage, BCL, MT199, MT799, Escrow)
    - Commission Structure that Buyer is requesting
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