Trancends – 90M

  • 300 pieces/box
  • Quantity Available – 90M
  • FOB – $20.60
  • CIP – $21.00
  • CIF – $22.00

LOI – gets you on a zoom with seller

  • POF
  • SPA
  • Buyer funds escrow or sets up LC

(prefer FOB buyers)

Everything will take 4 days to load and 14-17 days to ship

Buy side commissions need to be added.

(ref: CC)

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  1. Aris on April 1, 2021 at 7:28 am

    My name is Aris. I am inquiring for Ansell Micro Touch and Edge. I haven’t seen it listed, perhaps you might have it. The inquiry is for a possible order of 20Mx 12 months.
    Let me know if you have anything available.
    My contact number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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