Cranberry 2B $18.50 all in (verified lot 100% OTG)

Cranberry 2B $18.50 all in (verified lot 100% OTG)

2B @ 18.50

Commission is 10% and the buyer intermediary has 10 points out of the 16.667 still open. Normal 7-9 day closing period

  1. NCNDA -> [NCNDA Data Sheet to complete to include the following:
    (Buyer, Buyer Mandate, Buyer Brokers) -> (we may need to provide also Buyer Brokers for compliancy check with DD, we need to have it ready), I am sending you Datasheet.
  2. Submission Package
    LOI -> [needs to be updated with (today date + updated price:$18,50, + mention that Buyer lawyer is authorized by USA GVT to access cage code, + mention the funds are in USA top tier 1 bank)]
    DD form -> [need to be filled-up (Due Diligence Form must include information on Buyer, Buyer Mandate, and Buyer Attorney)]
    [Once done today, please send it to me asap so that we can officially submit your request to seller with this minimum info to form your request file. Then for LOA, ICPO, IMFPA all will be submitted to Seller Attorney]
    LOA -> will be submitted to Seller Attorney after LOI approved
    ICPO -> will be submitted to Seller Attorney after LOI approved
    IMFPA Input -> will be submitted to Seller Attorney after LOI approved.
  3. Due Diligence/ Seller Mandate Soft Call / Seller Proof of Product
    24-48hours to be completed by seller attorney
    SOP must be agreed to by Buyer
    Seller attorney provides POP (LOA or other verification) on Zoom Call
  4. Buyer Proof of Funds
    MT199 verification of funds
  5. IMFPA Signed
  6. Seller Issues FCO / Buyer Executes If Required
    Will include delivery schedule if applicable.
    The customer has 2 days to confirm his intention to purchase.
    Possibility to out in place a non-performance bond from seller to cover costs. Will consider buyer account if top tier.
  7. Escrow Account Setup
    This can be a third-party escrow / must be a top US bank
  8. SPA Prepared and Executed
    Seller’s lawyer sends SPA to buyers lawyer and must sign it within 2 working days.
  9. Funding of Escrow
    As soon as the SPA is subsequently signed, the customer will place funds into escrow account and then will be able to contact the
    brand directly.
  10. SGS Report Provided
    Any required inspections will occur at this time
  11. Physical Inspection
    Buyer may request a physical inspection prior to reléase of the funds to the buyer.
  12. Release of Funds from Escrow / Title Exchange
    Details of Submission Package:
    Documents to Submit:
    Please provide the following:
    NCNDA Data Sheet (Will be provided)
    Due Diligence Document (Will be provided)
    IMFPA Input Template (See (Will be provided)

General Submission Procedures:
For your submission package please note the following:
• All documents must have the same date.
• Please use the next business day date from when you submit
• Please make sure the proper parties sign the documents
• Please include attorney information on documents along with the attorney’s State Bar Number.
• The buyer should include their unique Purchase Order Number on the forms and signed by the buyer.
• All documents with the exception of the LOA need to include the Buyer’s Letterhead
• The LOA must include the Buyer’s Attorney’s Letterhead and must include the attorney’s State Bar Number.
• Please make sure that the PO/ICPO includes the Bank information of the buyer.
• All Documents need to be addressed to: (To be provided)
• List as the Price , “ Not to exceed $ 18,50 inclusive of 10% commission.
• Make sure you clearly identify your payment method (Bank Account/ MT 199 verification/ Transfer to Escrow )

Product sells quickly. You should not spend money drawing up legal paperwork to reserve the product for your client until you ask if it is still available. Email to inquire. Available product can be reserved by submitting a LOI/LOA/ICPO. 

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