Verify this is available before reserving product for your client with a LOI/LOA/ICPO. Send questions to

FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Home Test MOQ: 1M 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory


MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box)
Country of Origin: China or US factory direct
Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary


  • This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries
  • A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This is a Master NCNDA/ Procurement Fee Agreement which protects all Buyer Intermediaries on this transaction and all transactions moving forward.
  • Fee Sharing Agreements with BIs will be signed after Biz Services Agreement is signed.

After Business Serv. Agr. has been signed, Buyer will be introduced directly to the Seller to transact.


  • Call between Medical Distributor and BIs
  • NCNDA – Level 2 with BIs/ Mandates
  • Buyer signs Business Services Agreement. BI’s sign Fee Sharing Agreement.


  • NCNDA – Level 1 Seller/ Buyer/ Mandates
  • Buyer issues ICPO – Template to be provided
  • Factory issues Performa Invoice, Draft SPA and Delivery Schedule
  • Buyer signs and returns
  • Buyer pays to ACON USA directly 100% T/T upfront
  • Deliveries commence according to delivery schedule


  • Contract is between Seller company and Buyer
  • Buyer is able to pay ACON directly in the USA
  • Seller is responsible for all logistics from China to US (DDP Only)
  • Seller is responsible for customs clearance (DDP Only)
  • Seller/ ACON will transport the product from ACON’s warehouse in the US to Buyer’s nominated address (DDP Only)

Why Flowflex?

  • FDA Approved
  • BfArM listed: A1951 /21
  • According to the BASG list, Flowflex* is suitable for personal use
  • WHO listing – for diagnostic SARS-COV-2 tests
  • Test results within 15 minutes


This seller added ten cents to the box price to pay a broker chain. Any more would need to be added to the price and approved by the seller. Patriot Health LLC is covered on the sell side, so the commission starts with you.

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves $22.25 100K boxes available now OTG via Inspect & Pay in Miami, FL

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves


  • ICPO
  • Inspect & Pay

Commissions: $.25 commission total

Price : $22.25 per box of 300

Location: Miami, FL

Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count

Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions can be increased if the buyer is willing to pay more. Extra comms are directly approved by the seller. Increased commissions are shared.  TT payment

Examination Gloves PDF Spec Sheet from Ansell

Cranberry Evolve $24.50 plus a reasonable commission; MOQ 2M

Cranberry Evolve


  • LOI and any preferred terms from the buyer
  • FCA/CIF/DDP all possible
  • Verification of funds securely banker to banker at Chase for whatever they wish to start with the first month - it can be as little as 2 million and they only need to show that they have the money for the first month.


  • We can demonstrate Full chain of custody back to the factories
  • Contract with the 8 largest manufacturing sites which enables direct supply of Cranberry Evolve plus other major brands
  • Offering FCA/CIF/DDP
  • At no point in the process will we ask for any sensitive confidential details pertaining to funds. That is ONLY done with the Chase banker designated for this production program and only for the first month
  • We can do air and sea freight. A very buttoned up process
  • Players are the factory and the supplier, then Patriot Health LLC and the broker chain and the buyer
  • Can be airfreighted in a couple of days. Sea freight 28-35 days depending on the port where it’s going
  • Air freight is actual cost at time of booking. We will beat any air freight quote as the planes are specially re-purposed for this


Makrite SEKURA-N95 30 cents all in 3.1M available; Niosh Approved made in Taiwan

Makrite SEKURA-N95 Niosh Approved

3,100,000 masks

PDF of the Masks

  • .25 cost per mask paid to the seller
  • .05 to brokers at .30 per mask
  • You can sell over .30 and it will be split 50/50 between seller and brokers

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT will be sold Inspect & Pay. Schedule a Zoom call soon

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Nitrile Gloves

Cranberry Global is working to minimize fraud so they are making changes to their branding. In 2022 the gloves we sell will be the Cranberry Evolve CT and Cranberry REVOSOFT CT. Both are 300 count boxes and both are a much better glove than the old Evolve. 

Please get familiar with this brand. The REVOSOFT CT are like KC500 as they are .05 mm thick, have the beaded edge and are chemo tested.

Patriot Health will be paid on the sell side and these will be available by the holidays in the hundreds of thousands and low millions. Prices will be better than Evolve and if you have a real buyer you should schedule a Zoom call directly with the supplier and your buyer soon.

These will be sold with an Inspect and Pay model. ICPO, then a phone call with the supplier directly. Proofs of life given and the buyer can verify with Cranberry Global. Then third party Escrow and Inspect & Pay. That's the SOP.


  • IPCO
  • Zoom with supplier who offers Proofs of Life and other assurances. Buyer can verify with Cranberry directly.
  • PROOF of funds in ESCROW
  • PAY

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 1

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 1

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 2

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 2

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 3

Cranberry REVOSOFT CT Spec Sheet offered by Patriot Health with Inspect & Pay 3

Cranberry Evolve 6,100 boxes $30 plus a commission split 50/50 buyside/sellside; Inspect & Pay in Baltimore

Cranberry Evolve 300 count Nitrile Gloves


  • 2170 medium
  • 3930 large

in Baltimore with BOL ready to share.

This is a Inspect and Pay. Was inspected yesterday. Can get your buyer INSPECTING.

Also, another million will be available before the holidays. If your buyer buys this then they will be at the front of the line for the next million which will also be Inspect & Pay


  • IPCO
  • PROOF of funds in ESCROW
  • PAY

Cranberry CT (Chemo Tested) 80K boxes $32 plus a buy side commission in LA

80,000 boxes Cranberry Chemo Tested $32.00 plus a commission
Available today. These are not plain and boring Evolve. These are the CT gloves. 300 per box. Chemo Tested!

Cranberry 300 Evolve CT (Chemo Tested) 80K boxes

Commission for the buyside should be under 50 cents total please. Maybe price it $32.50 for your exit buyer. Commission starts with you.

  • ICPO
  • We show proof of product first!
  • Load escrow
  • Inspect and pay


Titleholder is a friend of mine. No chain. Real transaction with just an ICPO

300K AccessBio CareStart OTC $17.30 plus a commission in NJ ready for immediate pick up

300K ready for immediate pickup in NJ
AccessBio CareStart™ Non-Invasive COVID-19 Antigen Home Test - Pack of 2


  • ICPO then get proofs
  • Inspect/Pay


This seller does not build any commission into the price for a broker chain. Just add a quarter or a little more for any brokers who need to get paid.

Cranberry Evolve 100M to 300M $26 plus commission



100 M to 300 M - 26 + 1 USD commission or up to 10%






ALL PROCESS WILL BE COMPLETED IN 3 DAYS. This deal is literally only valid for the next 5 days

100% OTG and in LA

Titleholder is private and has 3B total available

Cardinal Flexal 100K shipped to your warehouse within 48 hours

Cardinal Flexal

We can supply up to 100,000 per week and possibly more. Cardinal Health provides free shipping with a quick turn-around (a day or two) depending on submission of PO and payment in full in escrow (dual signature).
Cost per box $23.25/box which includes a 45 cent commission for the buy-side brokers.

FYI - We have a second supplier that we can get an additional 100,000 per week and possibly more but the cost is $24.50/box.

Same seller has 500K Cranberry ready for pickup for $31.25/box which includes a 30 cent commission to any brokers.
Direct exit buyer relationship preferred.

Not to muddy the waters, but we did a twelve month contract for a government buyer. We finance the deal and bring in 250K boxes a month into a warehouse. 100% at our expense. The buyer walks into the warehouse and inspects. Within 48 hours the seller is paid and the buyer removes the product. With this 12 month contract arrangement we were able to offer $22.60 per box which includes 50 cents for the buyer intermediaries and anyone else who needs to get paid on the buy side. If you have a buyer who wants Cardinals for six or twelve months, we have a great solution. 


  • ICPO
  • Verify product. The buyer can check with Cardinal directly. All paperwork is ready to share with a buyer
  • Escrow is funded
  • Cardinal is paid and the product is shipped

Commission Structures

The pricing from this seller is meant for an end user / exit buyer. If you are a broker there is a decent commission available, but after the first deal closes, if it becomes a standing monthly order, then it could be a really good deal for the broker bringing a real buyer.


The Cranberry are ready for pickup. Buyer will need a logistics plan. The Cardinals are shipped for free to the buyer's warehouse from one of Cardinals four warehouses based on proximity. Product is shipped within 48 hours of payment from escrow.