Verify this is available before reserving product for your client with a LOI/LOA/ICPO. Send questions to

Cranberry Evolve 1M $28.50 all in includes 25 cents buyside commission; OTG in LA; Proof given before movement of money

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves 300 count per box)


  • $28.50 all in
  • 25 cents total available for buyside commissions


  • NCNDA (Optional as Patriot health is direct to the seller team & starts the buyside)
  • ICPO KYC & AML (end buyer only)
  • DD by seller
  • SPA & Escrow Agreement discussed between principles and signed (Delaware Trust, Fidelity Federal, etc.)
  • SGS, past performance, etc. soft inspection if required. (All this and more is given before the buyer moves money into escrow!)
  • $4 million deposit into the agreed upon escrow (or 15% of the deal. 2M boxes is $8 million into escrow)
  • Full Inspection and all chain of custody docs
  • Payment for remainder of goods, Title transfer and Product collection


  • Escrow Agreement has options: Delaware Trust, Fidelity Federal, etc.
  • The one million is an test order. Once the first 1 million is done and the buyer has proved themselves, the seller can do 2 or 3 million a week.
  • There is $250,000 in commissions for each one million boxes of gloves.
  • Patriot Health gets paid on the buyside. PH starts the buyside. There is 25 cents total for the buyside. The split of the 25 cents is open for negotiations.
  • Sell-Side is closed
  • Location of Goods: LA, California

Cranberry Evolve 1M $27.50 all in includes 50 cents total commission; OTG in LA; Need PO, Sign CI then IP

Two people have sent an ICPO already. I would assume it is sold. 

Cranberry Evolve (Original Evolve Gloves)


  • $27.50 all in
  • 50 cents total available for commissions


  • PO
  • Seller sends CI
  • Comforts and Conversations
  • Buyer signs the CI
  • Inspect & Pay


  • Patriot Health gets paid on the sell side. Everything is open for negotiations.
  • Sell-Side is closed
  • Location of Goods: LA, California

Cardinal Flexal Direct from US Factory

Cardinal Flexal

We have direct access to all of Cardinal's products. As of May 9th, 2022 there was 7.2 million Cardinal Flexal gloves available in various manufacturing warehouses around the US owned by Cardinal Health. We are able to offer all of Cardinal's products direct. This is not through a mysterious titleholder. This is a direct relationship through their own stateside sales team.


    • NCNDA between buyer & seller (Only required if requested by buyer or if buyer order reveals proprietary information)
    • ICPO/PO & KYC submitted by Buyer
    • A2A or E2E call in 2-24 business hours (Zoom or Teams link sent to buyer)
      • Call between attorneys or principals to discuss POF & POP
      • POP – factory invoice partially redacted
      • POF – A2A2B call, bank statement, escrow receipt, LOA (case-by-case; comfortable proof the buyer has funds or may waive POF and fund 3rd-party escrow in lieu)
    • DD completed by seller up to 72 hours
  • POF & POP completed as per A2A/E2E call
  • CI & Wire instructions or SPA & EA executed (Buyer preference considered)
  • Product delivered from Cardinal factory warehouse
    • Deliveries via Dominion or other primary carrier - managed by Cardinal Health (Cost add of $0.25 per box for delivery up to 1,000 miles from factory warehouse location)
    • BOL presented at time of delivery to buyer or receiving party at delivery


  • $17.95 10 million / month for 12 months then add comms . . .  (Price available if the buyer proofs up the whole year all at once)
  • $18.20 10 million / month for 12 months then add comms. . .  (Price available if the buyer proofs up one month at a time)
  • $18.50 10 million boxes then add commissions for buy side brokers
  • $19.15 5 million to 10 million then add commissions for buy side brokers
  • $19.55 1 million then add commissions for buy side brokers
  • $19.90 under 1 million boxes then add commissions for buy side brokers

Commission Structures

  • Recommended commission is 25 cents regardless of the amount/volume.
  • This requires a small broker chain otherwise the 25 cents isn't enough to cover the buy side intermediaries.
  • Goal is to have a repeat monthly order creating residual income for the brokers involved.
  • Patriot Health LLC starts the buys side and is direct to this seller

White Labeled (Cardinal Flexal Touch) Nitrile Gloves 900K boxes, 200/box, $13.50 plus comms

Cardinal Flexal Touch specs on a White Labeled Box

My Cardinal distributor was offered from Cardinal Health 900K boxes of WHITE Labeled boxes of nitrile gloves


  • PO from buyer
  • Corporate Invoice from seller with an escrow agreement
  • Proof of product (Visible Inspection available)
  • Pay & Remove product from the warehouse


  • These are the same exact specs as Cardinal Flexal Touch with 200 ct boxes.
  • These have Chemo Chemical rating.
  • The palm is .06 thickness which is twice that of Cranberry Evolve.
  • Great pricing if you have any RWA buyers.
  • Will need to be a fast moving buyer with funds ready to close.
  • We have a verbal commitment on the stock, however is first to submit acceptable PO with delivery address and sign our CI and EA.
  • Price is approx $5 / box lower than Cardinal Flexal Std boxed product, $10 / box savings over Flexal Touch for this quantity.

This is the message the supplier gave me. After a phone call I decided to list it: Cardinal offered this to us end of week as a nice blowout priced option. Product was made as a rush production contracted through a Chinese factory which produces for Cardinal in emergency scenarios. No brand name on the boxing. Can forward image samples if there’s interest. Price is $13.50 with delivery in the US, up to 1000 miles from the warehouse. Can add up to 25 cents in commissions. Let me know if there is interest with any of your direct buyers.

Various Name brand Nitrile Gloves — Hartalega, Hongray, Sri-Trang, Dynarex, RW, Parker Protective

We have the following in stock:

  1. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Hartalega, 300 Count - $15.00/Bx
  2. Nitrile Examination 4.5 Mil, Blue - RW - $4.90/Bx
  3. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Blue - Parker Protective - $4.90/Bx
  4. Nitrile Examination 4 Mil, Blue - Hongray - $4.10/Bx
  5. Nitrile Examination 6 Mil Black - Parker Protective - $7.10/Bx
  6. Nitrile Examination 6.5 Mil Black - RW - $7.65/Bx
  7. Surgical, Sterile, Latex, Dynarex, 7/7.5/8 - $185/Cs
  8. Latex Examination - Manufactured b Sri-Trang - $5.90/Bx


  • PO from buyer
  • Corporate Invoice from seller
  • Proof of product (Visible Inspection available)
  • Pay & Remove product from the warehouse


  • These are with a supplier where we were the mandate last year. We are now only serving as the mandate. We are still direct.
  • Patriot Health LLC is starting the buy side.
  • Over a dozen transactions completed with this seller.
  • Add a commission to the prices above for you and your buyer chain.

Cranberry RevoSoft 512,960 Boxes $27.50 all in with only 50 cents total commission available

Cranberry RevoSoft -- OTG


  • ICPO from Buyer
  • Seller performs DD and then sends a Corporate Invoice
    • Zoom or other Communication between Principles can happen
    • Buyer Signs and Returns the Corporate Invoice
  • Seller sends the Bill of Laden & other Proofs of Life
  • Inspect & Pay


  • $27.50 all in
  • MOQ is 512,960 (not sub-dividing)

Commission Structures

  • Patriot Health LLC requires a box within the commission structure.
  • There is only 50 cents so please do your best to keep the broker chain small.


  • Only Inspectors who are Certified, Insured, TSA and TWIC Approved will be allowed inside the warehouse.
  • Inspectors will also need proof of vaccination.
  • All 512,960 boxes are being sold together.
  • Inspection Schedule: (Can inspect either warehouse first)
    • 12,960 boxes in FL
    • 130K boxes in NJ
    • 370K boxes in PA
  • After a successful transaction, the seller would be willing to ship for free directly to the buyer’s warehouse for inspection and payment.
  • Cranberry RevoSoft Nitrile gloves are better than Cranberry Evolve in many ways.

RevoSoft SPEC Sheet in PDF

Cardinal Flexal 100K to 500K per month Air Freight

Cardinal Flexal

Seller has 11M allocation for 2022. Can airfreight up to 1M per month to a warehouse in your buyer's home town. Must be an international airport with the ability to do customs as the product is flown in from Malaysia.


  • ICPO (Patriot Health LLC has the seller's name and address for your ICPO)
  • FCO returned signed and filled out from the Seller
  • Need the FCO Signed by the Buyer
  • Seller provides a LOA about the product and these procedures. Attestation under perjury.
  • Seller requests an easy POF: BCL or Bank Statement. It's friendly, so a screenshot works too.
  • SGS is offered to the Buyer before the product leaves Malaysia.
  • Buyer puts money in Escrow. Third Party Escrow or dual signature escrow.
  • Seller Provides the Airway Bill.
  • Product lands near the Buyer and is sent to a local warehouse where it is palleted and wrapped for inspection
  • Buyer Inspects and Pays
  • Buyer removes the product


  • Base Price for the Seller not including commission 100K $23
  • Base Price for the Seller not including commission 1M $22.50

Commission Structures

  • Recommended commission is 25 cents regardless of the amount/volume.
  • Seller doesn't want to see a broker trying to make more money than the seller who has millions of dollars on the line.
  • This requires a small broker chain otherwise the 25 cents isn't enough to cover the buy side intermediaries.
  • Goal is to have a repeat monthly order creating residual income for the brokers involved.
  • Patriot Health LLC starts the buys side and is direct to this seller acting as a seller mandate.

Cranberry Evolve 25M $26.50 all in; Long Beach, CA (not CT or RevoSoft) failed buyer

Cranberry Evolve


25 Million OTG
Long Beach, CA area


  • NCNDA from seller. Seller sends it out. Important for the seller to do this.
  • ICPO/KYC/AML  --  Due Diligence by Seller, vetting attorney will contact buyer attorney if needed for DD
  • Get the lawyer to write an LOA that the buyer has strong funds and is RWA
  • IMFPA/Escrow Agreement/SPA (within the SPA the buyer can change the escrow language with a direct wire if preferred)
  • Buyer moves money into the buyer's attorney Escrow.
  • SGS Provided
  • Warehouse Inspection
  • Upon Inspection, Buyer Wires Total Balance / Title Transfers


  • This is a failed buyer. Will sell in the next 24 hours. Ready for inspection Thursday.
  • Buyer's Escrow needs to be funded and then they will allow inspection. LOA from buyer's attorney get's inspection in 24 hours.
  • Patriot Health LLC is talking to the seller mandate with one group in-between.
  • $2.41 commission built into the $26.50
    • 50/50 split Seller and Buyer side
    • 44% of the 1.205 is available for the buy side. (Don't ask me why. Sellers decision.)
    • No Mandate Box. The commission is split three ways.
      • 1/3 to Patriot Health LLC .35
      • 1/3 to Joes Group .35
      • 1/3 to Various Intermediaries .35 (Everyone is fitting into this box. Only one person in there currently named Bill.)
    • Currently, there are three boxes and 35 cents open.
    • The price can be increased to $27 all in and the extra 50 cents would be added to the buy side commission structure and then divided into fourths creating a new box for you and your broker group. In that scenario the boxes would look like the below:
      • 1/4 to Patriot Health LLC .39
      • 1/4 to Joes Group .39
      • 1/4 to Various Intermediaries .39
      • 1/4 to Your Broker Box .39


FlowFlex Covid-19 Antigen Home Test MOQ: 1M 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory


MOQ: 1 Million boxes (1 test/ box)
Country of Origin: China or US factory direct
Payment Terms: 100% Upfront T/T to US Factory

Direct to Factory through Distributor PDF Summary


  • This framework prevents circumvention and protects all Buyer Intermediaries
  • A Business Services Agreement must be signed by the Buyer and the Medical Distributor. This is a Master NCNDA/ Procurement Fee Agreement which protects all Buyer Intermediaries on this transaction and all transactions moving forward.
  • Fee Sharing Agreements with BIs will be signed after Biz Services Agreement is signed.

After Business Serv. Agr. has been signed, Buyer will be introduced directly to the Seller to transact.


  • Call between Medical Distributor and BIs
  • NCNDA – Level 2 with BIs/ Mandates
  • Buyer signs Business Services Agreement. BI’s sign Fee Sharing Agreement.


  • NCNDA – Level 1 Seller/ Buyer/ Mandates
  • Buyer issues ICPO – Template to be provided
  • Factory issues Performa Invoice, Draft SPA and Delivery Schedule
  • Buyer signs and returns
  • Buyer pays to ACON USA directly 100% T/T upfront
  • Deliveries commence according to delivery schedule


  • Contract is between Seller company and Buyer
  • Buyer is able to pay ACON directly in the USA
  • Seller is responsible for all logistics from China to US (DDP Only)
  • Seller is responsible for customs clearance (DDP Only)
  • Seller/ ACON will transport the product from ACON’s warehouse in the US to Buyer’s nominated address (DDP Only)

Why Flowflex?

  • FDA Approved
  • BfArM listed: A1951 /21
  • According to the BASG list, Flowflex* is suitable for personal use
  • WHO listing – for diagnostic SARS-COV-2 tests
  • Test results within 15 minutes


This seller added ten cents to the box price to pay a broker chain. Any more would need to be added to the price and approved by the seller. Patriot Health LLC is covered on the sell side, so the commission starts with you.

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves $22.25 100K boxes available now OTG via Inspect & Pay in Miami, FL

Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Gloves


  • ICPO
  • Inspect & Pay

Commissions: $.25 commission total

Price : $22.25 per box of 300

Location: Miami, FL

Amount: 100K boxes of 300 count

Notes: These are not the Micro-Thin known as MTMT. These are the higher end classic Ansell Microtouch Nitrile Examination Gloves. The 25 cents starts with Patriot Health, but the commissions can be increased if the buyer is willing to pay more. Extra comms are directly approved by the seller. Increased commissions are shared.  TT payment

Examination Gloves PDF Spec Sheet from Ansell