1. Does the owner of this website get paid in the seller intermediary or the buyer intermediary side?

My name is Tony Locke and I am aligned with the seller directly. I am not the seller mandate, but I can communicate directly with the seller title holder when necessary. On the IMFPA Tony Locke is listed as a seller intermediary along with his team. The buyer intermediary box is wide open and you as the broker would be in that space all by yourself, plus your team and those brokers between you and the buyer mandate. 

2. Must the commission be 10% each month plus rolls and extensions?

Commissions are negotiable.

  • Your buyer can approach the factory with a 10% traditional commission for the whole order covering the OTG stock available today and all monthly fulfillment plus any rolls and extensions after the order is fulfilled. 
  • Your buyer can offer a 75 cent or a 50 cent per box commission split 50/50 between seller and buyer groups. In that model the seller/buyer mandates take care of the seller/buyer intermediaries. 
  • Your buyer can offer one of the models above and then request a diminished commission for all rolls and extensions
3. Must the buyer sign a contract for the MOQ in the colored chart?

The chart offers prices based on MOQ or minimum order quantity. If the MOQ is 400 million then over a period of months the order must total 400 million. The MOQ is not the amount of each months order, but the MOQ is the total quantity when the order is at the end of fulfillment. 

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A list of questions and answers about the PPE industry.

1. If I have cash in an account, why can I not buy PPE like any other product?

The US Government regulates this industry. Sellers don't want the US government telling them a year from now they are under investigation for selling PPE to someone from the cartels in Mexico, the Mafia in Italy or some bad guys in Columbia. An SOP is to protect the seller. They won't deviate, especially for cash in an account. That makes them run away from the buyer, not run toward the buyer. PPE is a essential national commodity. People will answer for the way it is sold, who it is sold to and where it ends up. Lawyers won't let the sellers assume that risk. Buyers are forced to walk slowly through an SOP. That's the nature of the beast.