5B Cranberry at 18.15 all in

5B Cranberry at 18.15 all in

Product: Cranberry Evolve 300
Quantity: 5,000,000,000 Boxes (5B boxes)
Date of Offer: 6 OCT

Price: $ 16.50 + 1.65 USD per box, OTG
Total Price 18.15 USD

Delivery Period: Immediate Collection/ per collection schedule in weekly tranches
Availability: Stock is available on a first come first serve basis
Delivery Condition: Collection from warehouse (Buyers responsibility) once payment reflecting in Seller’s account.
Lead time for delivery: Immediate collection


1. Buyer sends a LOI

2. Seller Mandate (SM) responds with a FCO, quoting pricing and procedure

3. Buyer signs and returns this FCO to Seller Mandate within 24 hours (Local transactions), 72hours (International txns).

4. Buyer issues ICPO’s to Seller reflecting the total price and details of the order.

5. Authorization to represent letter to be issued by Buyer.

6. Verifiable Proof of Funds as specified in this FCO, Attorney to attorney correspondence is preferable. BCL / ATL CAGE (ping only) directly and will be mailed to legal dept.

7. Seller Mandate will conclude an initial due diligence on the client.

8. Once successful, the document pack will be provided to the Seller for final vetting. Any additional documents or details required by SM in order to successfully submit the document pack to the Seller will be made readily available to SM accordingly.

9. On successful vetting, it is standard practice for supplier to provide Proof of Product for the Buyer by supplying the SGS Certificate, the Lot numbers, the Batch numbers. Please note that delays due to circumstances beyond our control are not a sign of order failure but will be communicated accordingly for the Buyers peace of mind.

10. The Buyer will have the right and the prerogative to view and inspect the product by appointment, as per the Seller/Seller mandate. The Buyer may be required to show Live proof of funds to ensure that they are still able to transact prior to receiving the warehouse location details.

11. It is noted that a limited number of people will be allowed to the warehouse. This is at the discretion of the warehouse based on insurances, security, and order size.

12. After the Buyer has verified and authenticated the product, the FULL invoice amount of the order will be transferred to the designated escrow account. The account will be either Seller’s legal representatives escrow/trust account, or the warehouse attorneys escrow/trust account, depending on the make-up of the transaction.

13. Transfer of ownership will be arranged and confirmed subject to confirmation of the
funds having cleared in the warehouse/Supplier’s account. There may be the option for the Buyer to take over the warehouse pending their logistics to remove the stock. Please state your intention to do so prior.

14. As soon as the funds have cleared in the supplier’s account, the Buyer may take
delivery of the stock and arrange necessary logistics as required.

All these Hot Deals Require a LOI/LOA/ICPO first. To buy this immediately call 770-807-9948.
This should be considered sold unless you are told it is not sold.

Product sells quickly. You should not spend money drawing up legal paperwork to reserve the product for your client until you ask if it is still available. Email sales@patriot.health to inquire. Available product can be reserved by submitting a LOI/LOA/ICPO. 

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